For RV and boat businesses, this rush of interest is an advertising opportunity that can’t be taken for granted. With consumers searching for your business in record numbers, your ad strategy needs to keep your brand competitive and visible in your local market. Here are some tips to expand your business revenue through effective local advertising.


The surge in RV and boat demand is largely being driven by the restricted option consumers have when planning vacations in 2020. Health concerns have convinced many families to forego any vacations involving air travel. Instead, they’re looking for alternatives that let them enjoy the summer and get away from home without compromising their safety.

These clear motivations make it easy to craft ad messaging that responds to these customer ambitions. RV and boating companies should revise their existing ad messaging to position their products as a solution to the current travel problems many families are facing. Ads can explicitly call out the ease of social distancing when using RVs and boats, for example, tapping into the customer needs and wants that are driving record interest in this industry.