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Audience Insights: Nielsen Pauses BBO and the VAB Questions Viewership
Our previous Audience Insights article focused on Nielsen’s plans to plans to integrate broadband-only (BBO) homes into its local TV measurement services throughout 2021. While the change was implemented for January measurement in some markets, Nielsen has since decided to delay the BBO integration for remaining TV markets until at least fourth quarter.
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3 Tips for Smarter Live Sports Advertising in 2021
In 2020, many people had more time than they expected to sit on their couch and binge countless hours of TV. And while we all hope the state of the world continues to improve this year, it looks like the quarantine-friendly content offered by cable programming is going to maintain steady viewership regardless of current events.
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3 Lessons Local Businesses Can Learn From the Rise of TikTok
TikTok has been a driving force for change on the social media landscape, clearing the way for popular new forms of social entertainment. With more than 700 million users who watch its content for an average of 89 minutes per day, TikTok hasn’t just cemented its status as one of the top social networks—it has also opened the doors to new types of video content and video experiences.
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Advertising Across the Customer Journey

As a local business, you’re probably already familiar with the traditional sales funnel, which breaks down the sales process into a few key stages of making a purchase: awareness, interest and research, decision-making, and conversion/post-conversion. But within these broad sales stages are a handful of different advertising channels and customer interactions that play important roles in nurturing that prospect closer to an all-important conversion. In this free eBook, we:

  • Unpack each stage of the customer journey
  • Identify the best advertising solutions to connect with customers depending on which stage of the journey they are in
  • Provide three (or more!) actionable ideas to help you get started so you can make the most of each stage
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A Free Digital Audit for Your Business

A comprehensive look at your business' online presence can help you understand which digital marketing strategies are working best for your goals. While an "audit" may sound scary, this in-depth approach of exploring your digital ad presence, search presence, social media activity and more is intended to ease your fears about not getting the most out of your marketing budget. Learn more in the video below and fill out the form on this page to schedule your free digital audit. 

Note: At this time, we are only able to offer digital audits for those in our Cox Media markets.

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The Pulse on Programming: May 2021 Preview

Welcome back to our 2021 monthly programming spotlight! We are so glad you stopped by and know that as local business owners, it’s imperative for you to reach your target audience now more than ever. That is why we are continuing our monthly programming series that will highlight three cable programs that not only are we excited about, but hope you are too. We will share when these shows will premiere and what kind of audience tunes into these high-value shows to help better equip you as you start to build your media buy.

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Behind the Screens: Meet Media Consultant Jill Krigsten-Riley

Welcome to 'Behind the Screens,' a new monthly blog series in which we introduce members of our Cox Media team. From coast to coast, there's a lot of collaboration and behind-the-scenes efforts that go into each client relationship and campaign, and every person on our team of experts brings a unique background, perspective and area of expertise. While we each have different day-to-day roles, we're all working toward the same goal: to help our clients' businesses succeed.

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Making a “Good Impression” Across Ad Platforms

In the ongoing quest to build ad campaigns that generate measurable revenue for a business, impressions can sometimes be overlooked as an important performance metric of a cross-platform ad strategy. Because impressions offer the most value early in the customer journey, these brand engagements themselves are rarely driving referrals and sales conversions that can easily validate their success and contributions to a branded campaign.