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How Google’s Ad Policies Affect Your Local Business’ Advertising Strategy

The digital advertising landscape is undergoing significant changes across multiple fronts. While rapidly evolving privacy laws are changing how online users are tracked and targeted with a wide range of ad content, advertisers are now under increased pressure to implement safeguards and other steps that support user safety through increased regulation of ad content.

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Audience Insights: TV Measurement Path “Paved With Good Intentions”

In what seems like a century ago in advertising years, Shawndra Hill from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School concluded a June 2014 Big Data article on TV audience measurement with these thoughts:

“…the landscape is ripe to develop new methodologies that deal with the complications of data and TV measurement, while offering more efficient targeting options to advertisers. It is a great time to be a (big) data scientist looking for solutions to the TV audience measurement problem.”

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Ask the Experts: Google Ad Policies & What They Mean for Your Business

Digital ad platforms like Google, Amazon and Facebook have developed advertising policies to abide by laws and ensure a safe and positive experience for users, advertisers, and publishers. This means that these policies prohibit content that is believed to be harmful to users or the overall advertising ecosystem. But with so many in-depth policies, how can you make sure your ads comply?

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The Pulse on Programming: November 2021 Preview

Welcome back to our 2021 monthly programming spotlight! We are so glad you stopped by, and we know that as local business owners, it’s imperative for you to reach your target audience now more than ever. That is why we are continuing our monthly programming series that highlights three cable programs that not only are we excited about, but we hope you are, too. We will share when these shows will premiere, and what kind of audience is tuning into these high-value shows, to better prepare you as you start to build your media buy.

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How to Survive the ‘Delta Economy’: 4 Tips for Small Business Success

You’ve probably noticed the signs in your daily life: grocery stores are unable to stock your favorite foods and products, online retail orders are taking longer to reach your front door with wait times stretching into the weeks and even months, local restaurants and retail stores are cutting back their hours due to being short-staffed. You may be experiencing this as both a local business owner and a consumer.