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Our Story

Our Story


At Cox Media, we know your passion is your business. Helping it thrive. Watching it grow. And you know a solid advertising plan can help it do just that — but who has time to be passionate about advertising?

That’s where we come in. As your local marketing partner, we’re ready to help guide you through today’s complex advertising landscape.



Cox Media has a proven track record of success with advertisers of all sizes. From a single-location retailer to an in-market agency, from regional brands to national media buyers and planners, our team of experts works to understand your unique business challenges and develop an advertising strategy to move your business forward.

Our Mission

To help you connect with your customers through the most engaging advertising platforms and technologies available. Learn more about our company.

Working with Cox Media

At Cox Media, we think you deserve more from your advertising partner. We learn about your business objectives then create customized advertising plans to help you achieve your marketing goals.

How We Do It

With multiple advertising platforms, strategic planning support and pinpointed audience delivery, Cox Media provides a deeper connection to the consumers you want to reach.

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We're ready to help your business thrive.

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