How to Advertise for Wedding Services and Other Live Events (Right Now)

05.25.2021 Sara Brasfield 

Slowly but surely, in-person events are making their comeback. Increased vaccination rates and new CDC mask guidelines across the United States are making more people comfortable with gathering in large groups, paving the way for weddings and other events that can accommodate an audience while maintaining important safety measures that have been in place since the start of the pandemic.

Couples planning weddings have already proven their ability to be flexible and adapt to rapidly changing circumstances. In 2020, 93 percent of weddings originally scheduled for that year were either adjusted to comply with local event restrictions or rescheduled for a later date. Among the weddings that were rescheduled, more than 90 percent took place, or are scheduled to take place, in 2021.

This carried-over wedding demand comes on top of all the new engagements taking place during the pandemic—73 percent of which are scheduled to take place in 2021. This bumper crop of weddings is creating a huge demand for wedding venues, vendors, and other event services—and after a difficult 2020, those businesses are in desperate need of the revenue these events can offer.

If your business serves weddings and other events, there’s no time to waste in advertising your business and drumming up as much demand as possible. Here are some tips on how to advertise a wedding business and capitalize on the opportunities of this unique wedding and live event season.

1. Highlight Your Commitment to Guest (and Staff) Safety

While weddings and live events are returning, the health and safety of guests remains a top priority. Local governments and private venues may have their own rules and restrictions that need to be adhered to at any wedding or live event. Whether you’re the venue manager or a vendor working at the property, your diligence in upholding safety standards can affect your business opportunities.

Your business website, consultations, social media presence, TV ads, and other advertising and marketing content should give prime real estate to highlighting this commitment. Consider going above and beyond local safety mandates and demonstrating the extra effort you put into maintaining safety at a wedding or live event.

By prioritizing safety, you can alleviate lingering anxieties among not only event organizers, but their guests as well. A commitment to safety can increase your business opportunities, your customer experience, and your local reputation among prospective future clients. 

2. Offer Live-Streaming Services as an Alternative Experience

While in-person weddings are gradually making a comeback, invited guests are warming back up to in-person attendance at their own pace. Given safety concerns about traveling, social distancing and other safety guidelines enforced at the venue, and limitations on the number of people that can attend the in-person wedding, many couples planning weddings will be interested in live-streaming their wedding on social media and/or other digital platforms.

If you’re looking for tips on how to advertise for a wedding photography business, these live-streaming services can be a great addition to your photography packages. Given that many wedding photographers are already documenting weddings through photography and video, the addition of live-streaming to that mix can alleviate a frustrating point of friction for couples planning their weddings.

3. Promote Live Events on a Smaller Scale

When it comes to wedding size, the complications of planning a wedding in the next year are two-fold. On the one hand, many couples planning weddings have scaled back their invite list to accommodate safety considerations on their big day. This, combined with an inevitable portion of the guest list who will choose not to travel and attend the wedding out of their own personal health concerns, will lead to reduced wedding parties and audiences for other live events.

At the same time, increased demand for wedding and other event venues could create a shortage of available properties, especially during peak wedding season. According to The Knot, 47 percent of couples who had planned weddings in 2020 now plan to hold those events in 2021 or later on. By moving that volume of weddings into other wedding seasons, the high demand for wedding venues—especially larger event spaces—will likely persuade some couples to consider smaller venues than they had originally planned.

Event venues can take advantage of this by developing and promoting smaller spaces that can increase the number of events they host. Caterers, meanwhile, can capture some of this business by improving their flexibility to cater smaller events, such as by reducing the food and drink minimums enforced by their business. By retooling services to be more efficient and cost-effective at a smaller scale, venues and vendors can increase the number of live events they serve in the near future.

4. Lean on Partnerships and Relationships With Other Vendors

When it comes to figuring out where to advertising wedding services, it’s essential that your business utilize digital ad channels that build brand visibility in relevant digital spaces: Digital video ads can be displayed as pre-roll and mid-roll ads around wedding-related video content, while display advertising can help you target couples planning weddings and other events across a wide range of online venues.

You can also leverage relationships with other wedding vendors to share referrals and capture increased market share. By agreeing to refer clients looking for services across different vendor categories, vendors, caterers, photographers, DJs, and other wedding vendors can work together to build their brands and their client lists.

Want more expert guidance on how to advertise a wedding venue or vendor business? A digital advertising partner can help you build an ad strategy that makes the most of your business opportunities. Contact us today—we’re here to help.

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