Advertise in Phoenix. Our television reach stretches across two-thirds of the state of Arizona, with the Phoenix metropolitan area covering 2,000 square miles. Greater Phoenix (which includes Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert and many others) is home to 4.5 million people and Maricopa County is currently the fastest growing county in the U.S. Consisting of approximately 1.3M homes, advertisers can reach the entire market or reach potential customers within 16 geographic zones.

With television and digital video advertising solutions, you can engage viewers on high-quality content, whenever and wherever they watch. We give advertisers access to over 80 TV networks like HGTV, ESPN, Bravo, History Channel and more. You can also align your message with hometown teams, like the Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Sun Devils, Suns and Coyotes.

Our team is ready to create a meaningful connection between you and your next customer. Start growing your business now.

We’ll connect you with a local advertising expert who can draft a strategic plan based on your business’ unique goals. It’s time to start growing your business.
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Creative Services

At Cox Creative Studios we believe in telling stories. Not just any story… but your story. And, we want to tell it well. With passion, expertise and emotion. We want to be your brand ambassador. Your partner. Your storyteller. Below are just a few examples of our work. Visit Cox Creative Studios to learn more.

Local Programming

YurView AZ is local community programming produced in and for Arizona. Long-form messages woven into stories where people live and work. Let us tell your story about how your business is making an impact in the Arizona community. Visit Yurview Arizona to learn more.

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The Power of Social Advertising for Small Businesses
Almost every type of business can benefit from building a social media presence. It’s not just for media companies and large, national enterprises - local retailers and service providers like HVAC and plumbing benefit from creating a social media presence and using it to engage with local customers.
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How Advertising on Streaming Services Can Help Your Business Connect with More Customers (Including ‘Cord-Cutters’)
By now, most advertising experts realize that the group of consumers known as ‘cord-cutters’ aren’t necessarily ditching their cable TV subscriptions. In reality, many consumers are only increasing the media sources they use to access content, combining traditional TV with video-on-demand, over-the-top streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, and audio services like Apple Music and Spotify.
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How to Use Digital Audio Advertising for Your Small Business
If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time listening to audio content every day. Compared to video content, it’s one of the easiest types of content to fit into your busy schedule: You can listen to it when commuting to work, washing the dishes, mowing the lawn, taking a shower, walking down the street, or even doing basic tasks at work.