Advertise in Topeka. At Cox Media Kansas, we aim to inspire and empower one another to connect possibilities to the bigger picture. We do this through discovery and collaboration with our clients - uncovering why they do what they do, understanding what's important to them, and bringing the big picture into focus. With this unique insight, we identify possibilities and help our clients connect those possibilities to their long-term goals.

We're passionate about helping our clients' businesses grow. It's our "why" and we can help you communicate yours.

Cox Media Kansas can help you discover the “why” behind your marketing efforts. Contact us today to learn how.

It can often seem like there’s an endless amount of marketing and advertising options. And when you’re busy running your business, it can be hard to keep track of the changes and figure out which mix will be most effective at driving the results you want.

You don’t have to do it alone.

At Cox Media Kansas, we have the expertise and tools needed to create successful campaigns that deliver a powerful message to your customers.

Uncover the “why” in your marketing efforts with Cox Media Kansas.
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Our Why

At Cox Media Kansas, our goal is to inspire and empower one another, through discovery and collaboration, to connect possibilities to the big picture. We want to collaborate with our clients to discover why they do what they do, what’s important to them, and put their big picture into focus. Then, we work with clients to identify possibilities for them, and help them connect those possibilities with their long-term goals and big picture. We want to consult instead of sell. Connect, not just communicate. And grow through our client’s growth. At Cox Media, it’s what drives each one of us. It’s our “Why”, and we can help with yours.

Industries we help grow
Creative Services

Creative is the first impression you make to most of your customers. That’s why it’s important to see creative as an investment and not an expense. At Cox Media Kansas, experienced Creative Consultants use the latest marketing research to discover how to speak directly to your potential customers. Then, we collaborate with you to develop creative that will capture attention and generate results. Contact Cox Media Kansas to see how our creative team keeps winning awards and making the right first impressions for our clients.

Local Programming

YurView Kansas is local community programming produced in and for the residents of Kansas. Long-form messages woven into stories where people live and work. Let us tell your story about how your business makes an impact in communities throughout Kansas. Visit Yurview Kansas to learn more.