Group Vice President
Florida/Georgia/Alabama Kansas/Arkansas Louisiana Nebraska Northeast Region Virginia

For nearly 25 years, Maryann Balbo has remained passionately dedicated to building and maintaining people-first cultures, rooted in purpose and empowerment. As a result, she has acquired extensive experience leading high-performing teams. Balbo’s number one objective as a leader is to enrich her teams and prepare them for success.

As Group Vice President of Cox Media, Balbo is accountable for leading Cox Media’s revenue growth, profit objectives across multiple markets, sales operations, leading the enterprise’s digital sales strategy, and overseeing local programming channel, YurView. Prior to Balbo’s role as Group Vice President, she served as the Vice President of Cox Media’s Kansas-Arkansas market, leading a team of sales, sales services, and marketing professionals.

As a testament to Balbo’s commitment to culture and building people-first communities, she has recently joined the Diversity Council for Cox Communications on the Customer Pillar, become a notable Cox Brand Advocate, and engaged with the Executive Learning Council at Cox.

Before joining Cox, Balbo served as the General Manager of WHDF, a local broadcast station in Huntsville, Alabama. Her diverse career path has afforded her the opportunity to build an extensive resume in broadcast, cable, digital, and print. As an early adopter of digital platforms, Balbo has led monumental change among many organizations, including Time Warner, NBC, The St Petersburg Times, and ABC/Disney.

Notably, Balbo is a previous Fellow Recipient of the prestigious National Association of Broadcasters Executive Leadership Training Program in Washington, DC, where she lobbied on Capitol Hill. She is also a graduate of the Pathbuilders Achieva Mentoring Program based in Atlanta, where she continues to volunteer as a mentor in their Preceptor program. Mentorship is undeniably part of Balbo’s DNA, and something she continues to passionately pursue.

Over the last 25 years, Balbo has remained an active alumni member of Alpha Phi Sorority, volunteered and served in several non-profit roles, including Dress for Success, the Christian Women’s Job Corp, and Big Brothers Big Sisters and appeared as an honored guest on numerous podcasts, panels, and interviews. Perhaps her most treasured achievement is the children’s book she co-authored with her son, Date Night with Mom.

Originally from Upstate New York, Balbo most recently moved to Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, Jon, children, Mason and Maxine, and their two Great Pyrenees family dogs. She enjoys attending her son’s guitar gigs, cheering for his football team, and shopping with her daughter. Balbo also enjoys walking, reading, and continuing her leadership education and personal growth.