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Why Cox Media

Demographic targeting ensures that your advertising is reaching the customers that are the best fit for your business, adding persuasiveness to your message. Behavioral targeting examines the motivations and actions of potential customers and delivers your message based on their viewing and browsing habits.


Geographic targeting ensures your message reaches customers in your area, eliminating the waste of a broadcast buy. Contextual targeting makes sure your message is aligned with the content in which it appears, adding credibility to your brand. But building awareness isn’t enough. It has to be within the content – video or display – that consumers interact with the most. The moments that matter are the ones where your brand appears seamlessly alongside informing and engaging content. This is what Cox Media brings to our advertisers, and what makes us different from other media sources.


Creating an advertising message that stands out is critical as consumers shift their media consumption habits in our multi-screen world. With more choices than ever on how to be entertained and informed, ensuring your message reaches them at the right moment can seem daunting; however, relying on the basics of awareness across screens is a great way to help your business’ advertising plan succeed. As a result, it is essential that we have an effective advertising mix that consists of not only television – where consumers spend nearly four and half hours a day, but also incorporate impressions across computers and our mobile devices.

Source: Average Time Spent per Day with Major Media by US Adults: eMarketer’s updated estimates for Spring 2016, June 2016.  All times include multi-tasking.


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