Community Management 101: Best Practices For Interacting with Your Customers

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Refine Your Brand Voice and Engagement Goals

Community management is built upon strong relationships between brands and their audience. This means every brand needs to approach community management with a strong sense of who the brand is—including how the brand communicates and what its priorities and values are when interacting with customers.

From the brand’s tone of voice to the types of content it shares, every business should preface community management by refining this brand voice to ensure consistency across all of its content. Along those same lines, your business should identify its top goals and performance indicators to evaluate the success of your strategy. For example, are you looking to expand your follower base as quickly as possible, or is your primary focus increasing engagement among your existing customers and followers?

These goals will help you understand which community management practices—including individual pieces of content—are most successful in helping your business reach your goals. Meanwhile, a consistent, distinctive brand voice will strengthen your company’s authenticity, and facilitate deeper engagement with your audience.


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Identify the Social Channels You Want to Prioritize

Social media is a central component of community-building for most businesses, and it’s easy to see why: it facilitates easy engagement and communication with an audience that far surpasses most other channels.

Effective community management strategies are well-served by leveraging social platforms to achieve their goals. But with so many social networks to choose from, many businesses—especially small, local operations—lack the resources needed to facilitate community management across a large number of platforms.


Maintain a Consistent Engagement Cadence

When it comes to building and managing a community, consistency is key. Your business won’t have much success if it posts and engages with your audience sporadically. Strong relationships with your audience are dependent upon maintaining visibility and regular interactions.

For this reason, your business should try to engage in community management activities on a daily basis. Even if you’re out of the office, consider scheduling social media posts, email, and other content to maintain engagement and brand visibility even when you’re away. By establishing your brand as a fixture in the lives of your audience, you’ll build up momentum and trust that will serve your business in the long run.

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