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Audience Insights: Five Things to Know About What’s Happening with Measuring Who’s Watching

In what can seem like eons ago in the ever-evolving world of television advertising, our October Audience Insights article explored the immediate aftermath of Nielsen’s loss of MRC accreditation for its local TV measurement services. Over the subsequent months, Nielsen moved forward with plans to integrate broadband-only (BBO) homes into local measurement. And the measurement giant has remained firmly entrenched in the industry news cycle – generating both positive (e.g., announcement of Nielsen ONE Alpha cross-platform measurement) and negative (e.g., admission of undercounted out-of-home viewership) national press.

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Audience Insights: “Super” Consistent Cable Home to 96% of TV Sports Advertising Opportunities

For football fans, this year’s NFL Playoffs have already been super. First, there was the dramatic divisional weekend (Jan. 22-23) that produced four consecutive fantastic finishes, including the unanticipated early exits for superstar quarterbacks Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. Then, not to be outdone, the conference championship games on Jan. 30 brought two more nailbiters, including upstart Cincinnati’s surprising victory over the Patrick Mahomes-led Chiefs in Kansas City.

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Preparing for the Future of TV with Broadband-Only Homes

The television landscape has continuously evolved, producing a subset of internet-based streaming services to access TV programming, and leading to the emergence of Broadband-Only homes. Commonly known as BBO homes, these households receive TV Programming through only a high-speed internet connection. Beginning in Q1 of 2022, Nielsen will include BBO homes as part of the Local TV Universe, which means changes in TV measurement. In the webinar below, you will find key insights from Nielsen and Cox Media's Oklahoma team as we discuss this change, its impact on television measurement, and how our teams are uniquely positioned to help you navigate these changes.

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Audience Insights: TV Measurement Path “Paved With Good Intentions”

In what seems like a century ago in advertising years, Shawndra Hill from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School concluded a June 2014 Big Data article on TV audience measurement with these thoughts:

“…the landscape is ripe to develop new methodologies that deal with the complications of data and TV measurement, while offering more efficient targeting options to advertisers. It is a great time to be a (big) data scientist looking for solutions to the TV audience measurement problem.”

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Audience Insights:  Nielsen Says BBO Is a Go…Again!

Earlier this year, our Audience Insights series focused on an impending Nielsen change that was set to take effect in April for many of the country’s larger TV markets. Then, at the last minute, Nielsen changed course, delaying the integration of broadband-only (BBO) homes into its metered-market TV services until fourth quarter. Just weeks before that revised start date, though, Nielsen hit the pause button one more time – announcing on Sept. 13 that BBO integration in metered markets is being pushed back to January 2022. To help put this latest delay into perspective, we checked in once again with David Gustafson, Cox Media’s Director of Linear & Audience Research.