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6 Digital Trends for Recruiting Potential Employees

With the ongoing labor shortage affecting businesses of all kinds, employers are looking to identify, recruit, hire, and retain the right employees - more now than ever before. But job board postings aren't enough to attract the best talent for your team. Here are six key trends that unpack job seeker behavior and how these candidates are searching for their next opportunity.

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Winning the Recruitment Battle: Why Job Boards Aren’t Enough

No matter what industry you work in, recruiting has become a difficult and time-consuming process that all too often results in failure. From low unemployment rates to surging job growth, recruiters have for months been faced with a perfect storm of saturated job supply that has given potential applicants more options than ever.

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How to Keep Customers Happy During Labor Shortages and Other Disruptions

Even as businesses and economies rebuild after the most challenging months of the pandemic, regular business operations remain a distant dream. While the job market is booming and consumer confidence is hitting highs not seen since before the pandemic, a number of resource shortages are holding local businesses back from a full return to normal.