Execution & Optimization

Making the Most of Your Advertising Investment

Feel more confident in your investment with support from Cox Media. We continuously monitor, measure and optimize your campaign’s performance, so you get the most out of every dollar you spend.


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Execution & Optimization Strategies


Defining Success

We work with you to determine the key metrics and outcomes that will make your campaign a success, then create a plan to help you get there.


Monitoring Performance

We continuously monitor and analyze your campaign’s performance and provide regular updates so you know exactly what’s working and what isn’t.


Optimizing Campaigns

An entire team of marketing experts frequently reviews and adjusts your campaigns. You’ll get better outcomes and stronger campaigns the first time — and every time after.


Transparent Campaign Reports

Discover what’s working best for your campaigns with detailed reports provided on your schedule. We can provide high-level statistics and explore more in-depth data for each campaign, so you have the most comprehensive view of your outcomes and KPIs.


Client Success Stories

Success Story 1

Boosting Ad Performance and ROI for a Home Improvement Nonprofit

For nonprofits, building brand awareness in the shadow of more established industry rivals is a massive challenge. Cox Media helped one nonprofit dramatically increase month-to-month customer foot traffic and reduce their budget-to-revenue gap from 20% to less than 3%.


Delivering ROI for a Niche Local Business

A local shredding business partnered with our team to increase leads. The campaign we developed led to an increase in business website traffic, phone calls and foot traffic. Using our transparent reports, the business was able to justify expanding their marketing efforts, further increasing their reach.

4 Effective Advertising Strategies for Connecting With Hispanic Audiences

The Latino population in the United States is growing six times faster than non-Latino consumers. Expand your customer base by learning more about this influential and integral demographic. Sign up for our free Resource Library to download this guide and other valuable resources.

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