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Connect to new and existing customers with Cox Media, a marketing and advertising agency providing multichannel solutions and premium inventory. By partnering with Cox Media, you get access to a specialized team of experts who can collaborate on your entire marketing strategy and set you up for long-term success.

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Pinpoint the audience you want to reach with a customized media plan that’s backed by marketing expertise, industry knowledge, consumer insights and ongoing analytics.

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Wondering how strong your business' presence is online? Interested in understanding where you have opportunities to improve? We can help. Click the button below to get a free assessment of your business' digital presence. You'll receive actionable insights to fuel your digital marketing strategy in less time than it takes to refill your coffee.

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Whether you want to increase sales, appointments, applications, donations or referrals, you need to reach the right people. We can help you identify those people, then create a multichannel strategy to connect with them where and when they’re most likely to act.



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JP Bewley
Data Science & Analytics Expert,
True Local Labs

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Using Data to Understand Your Audience and Build Strong Campaigns

In this 20-minute webinar, we partner with data expert JP Bewley of True Local Labs to unpack key elements of data usage in understanding audiences and then using these insights to build strong campaigns, implementing the right messaging and targeting parameters based on what you’ve learned.

National Coverage. Local Expertise.

Connect with over 300 million people across the country or 30 consumers in a small town.

Transparent Campaign Reports

  • Our experts help you choose the metrics that matter most, like impressions, pacing and conversions.
  • Maximize your ROI with support from our team, who constantly looks for ways to optimize your ad strategy
  • Get customized reports on your schedule, so you always know how your campaign is performing

Helpful Resources

  • Learn more about advertising channels and effective strategies
  • Present important information to internal and external stakeholders with premade presentations
  • Gain the insights you need to make more confident decisions about your marketing budget

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