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Build brand awareness, increase engagement and ultimately drive purchases with the power of TV advertising. Our experienced teams can help you select the shows and stations that are most popular with the people you want to reach.

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We Make TV Advertising Simple


We can help you define or prioritize your business goals, or develop and execute a custom plan based on the goals you already have.


We can help you determine who you should advertise to based on your industry, goals and current customers.


We can help you get more out of your budget with a strategic mix of customized digital and TV advertising solutions.

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Advertise on Attention-Grabbing Shows and Sporting Events

Appear alongside the series, programs and sporting events people connect with, talk about and obsess over. You can deliver your message to audiences no matter where they watch: through their cable provider, satellite TV, network streaming services or select apps.

Get Local and National Reach

Connect with the right people to meet your goals, no matter where they live. If you want to reach local customers, TV ads are a great option. If you want to reach a national audience, you can add streaming TV and digital solutions like paid search or social media ads. Or, if you’re looking for an expansive yet focused approach, you can use a strategic mix of both, which often produces the highest ROI.


Boost Your ROI With Digital Advertising

Enhance your TV advertising strategy with digital options that can reach hyper-specific local audiences or span the entire country.



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Strategic Support for Every Business

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Increasing Ticket Sales for Major Entertainment Events

A Los Angeles media buyer asked Cox Media to develop, launch and manage cost-effective TV ad campaigns in other markets where residents have shown a willingness to travel for events. The results of the campaign were so strong, the client went on to execute 36 consecutive monthly campaigns with Cox Media.


Increasing Engagement for a Local Dealership

A local auto dealership partnered with Cox Media to ensure it reached the customers who were in the market for a new automobile. Bolstered by Cox Automotive’s first-party data targeting solution, the dealership achieved a 95% competition rate for all ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of advertising on cable TV varies greatly depending on the program you choose to advertise on and the timing of the ad. Overall, the cost is much lower than you may expect. The best way to identify the cost of advertising on cable TV for your business is to work with a media partner who can match up the right programming opportunities with your ideal audience.

The best way to get a commercial on cable TV is to work with a media partner. They can build your schedule around the best programs and times so you can reach the right people.

TV advertising remains one of the most effective options for reaching consumers and for growing brands. According to the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB), 162 new-to-TV brands from 52 different industries invested more than $465 million in national TV advertising during the first half of 2021 “after seeing the positive momentum a national TV campaign generated for their competitors.”

TV advertising is most commonly evaluated using independent audience estimates produced by Nielsen or Comscore. Quantitative data from these companies primarily show the estimated total number of viewers to TV channels during specific blocks of time. Qualitative data from other providers, meanwhile, can provide a more audience-based view of when and where to best drive results among specific consumer segments most important to marketers — e.g., pet owners, people who intend to purchase a car, etc.

TV advertising allows brands to reach the right audiences with the right messaging at the right time. Market intelligence firm eMarketer projects that the average U.S. adult will continue to spend more than three hours per day watching TV in 2022 — and another two-and-a-half-hours per day with digital video content.

Cox Media’s Streaming solution allows you to advertise for the same show (or shows) across multiple screens. It’s made up of multiple streams of inventory, including Set-Top-Box Video on Demand (VOD), Over the Top (OTT), TV-like websites, the Contour app, cable network apps (like ESPN) and partner apps.

Today’s TVs and mobile devices offer app-based connectivity to a wide range of streaming media — like Netflix or Peacock — in addition to a more traditional cable TV experience. Since this media access is available “over the top" of your cable subscription, it has garnered the term OTT media. Cox Media can help you advertise on select OTT platforms.

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