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Credit App

Credit Application

Download, fill out and submit this document to apply for credit with Cox Media.

Payment Options

Payment Options

View all payment options and find relevant payment addresses.

Credit Card Payment

Make a Credit Card Payment

Set up recurring payments or make a one-time payment with our convenient payment portal.

Agency of Record

Agency of Record (AOR)

Complete this document to confirm your agency’s financial liability for advertising payments. 

On-Air Support

SpotXpress On-Air Content Dist

On-Air Content Distribution

Access SpotXPress, our free, online media upload system that eliminates the need for tapes, courier or mail service.

SpotXpress FAQs

SpotXPress FAQs

Review FAQs for SpotXPress, our free, online media  upload system for all Cox Media advertisers.

SpotXpress for Producers

SpotXPress For Producers

Get in-depth format and file size requirements for on-air media.

Ad Copy Requirements 1

Physical Ad Copy Requirements

Fill out and include this ad copy media requirements form if you are sending physical media deliverables.

Cox Media Advertising Calendar

Standard Advertising Calendar

Download our advertising calendar to see billing weeks for the entire year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe. Because your campaign is targeted to reach your business’ specific target audience, you may not see it if you are not in the same demographic or exhibit the same consumer behaviors.

At the end of your television campaign, you’ll get an affidavit that will detail the networks, dates, and times your spot(s) aired. For digital campaigns, you’ll get a specific report showing the campaign’s performance. 

As television viewership trends shift, we’ll work with you to ensure your message is delivered in the right places  to reach the right audience. In addition, our analytics team will frequently monitor your digital campaign to ensure we’re delivering your ads on the right screens at the right time to reach your target customers. By providing us read-only access to your Google Analytics, we are able to see the traffic we drive to your site, so we can maximize delivery and improve your ROI.

In general, we can change out your commercial spot or digital ad within 2-4 business days. To send us a new video ad for television, visit and follow the upload instructions. Display and video ads for digital campaigns can be emailed directly to your consultant.

There are times when a network goes live or adjusts their commercial break structure, such as live news conferences or during sporting events. That programming change can impact delivery of your ad. If that occurs, your media consultant will reach out to you to find an alternative airtime. 

It depends on the objective of your campaign, your target audience, and the budget. If your business has a strong brand presence already, you will likely see results more quickly. If you need to build your brand awareness, it takes repetition with your target audience to get a response. Your media consultant can help you plan your campaign with this in mind.

You will receive your invoice by the 15th of the month for the month prior. For example, you’ll receive a January invoice by February 15th.

If you have qualified for credit, payment is due 30 days following receipt of invoice.