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Fill Open Positions Using Recruitment Marketing

“Now Hiring” signs in every window and at every entrance, on the spot interviews and hiring bonuses have become the norm. So have long wait times, delayed shipping, and unhappy customers. Virtually every business in the country is experiencing some form of a labor shortage. Despite 42% of businesses raising their pay to attract applicants, there are still 10 million job openings. We bring together deep expertise and trusted guidance to help you fill open positions – so you never have to figure it out alone.


of employers rely on job ads to recruit new employees.

Careerarc, 2021 Future of Recruiting Study


of employers rely on job ads to recruit new employees.

Careerarc, 2021 Future of Recruiting Study


job seekers report they are likely to search for jobs via mobile.

Lever, How to Build a Recruitment Process to Hire Top Talent

Maximize Your ROI With Our Proven Approach

Pinpoint the audience you want and make the most of your advertising budget with our transparent, thorough approach to your campaign.

Research & Planning
Execution & Optimization

Cox Media has the best research and planning of any media group I’ve worked with, and their customer service is exceptional.

- Angela Ferguson, Energize Marketing Services

Reach the Right People With the Right Message

In today’s always-on culture, people take winding consumer journeys that cross multiple marketing channels, touchpoints and screens. We can help you reach your target audience across and along their journey with a customized multichannel advertising strategy.


Transparent Campaign Reports

Discover what’s working best for your campaigns with detailed reports provided on your schedule. We can provide high-level statistics and explore more in-depth data for each campaign, so you have the most comprehensive view of your outcomes and KPIs.


Custom Multichannel Advertising Solutions

Whether you’re looking for broad reach or the ability to target specific customers, our comprehensive suite of solutions can do just that. Explore our portfolio.

Strategic Support For Every Business

Success Story 1

Attracting Qualified Job Applicants Through Cost-Effective Call Center Recruiting

With a high volume of open positions, a regional call center managing offices in multiple markets contacted Cox Media seeking help in developing ad campaigns and tracking capabilities. The campaign drove over 1,300 applications.


Improving Seasonal Recruitment Through Social and Display Advertising

A distribution center partnered with Cox Media to fill 250 seasonal positions in a highly competitive job market. By narrowing the advertising radius to 40 miles around the center, we were able to help this organization fill every open position.

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