Planning Your Annual Ad Buy: A Small Business Guide to Advertising Success

3 Minutes

Whether it’s your growth goals or your overall business model, the lesson we’ve been learning since early 2020 is that, as much as we’d like to predict the future, there’s value in building an agile and flexible business. As a result, businesses might be tempted to take the same approach with their advertising strategy.

In this case, though, a lack of long-term planning can actually end up costing your business money, reducing your overall ad reach in ways that can have long-term consequences. Annual ad buys are the best way to stabilize your short- and long-term advertising strategy, locking down valuable inventories that you can utilize as needed over the course of the year ahead. Don’t let short-term concerns cost you long-term revenue.

This free guide contains:

  • The benefits of placing an annual ad buy
  • How to analyze past advertising performance
  • Key steps to plan your annual ad buy
  • How to get started
  • Evaluating your ad buy effectiveness

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