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The Latest Auto Advertising Trends for Dealers, Body Shops, and Other Local Auto Brands

Production bottlenecks are finally in the past, and the chip shortage that…

Auto Inventories are Returning to Normal. Here’s How Advertising Can Help Dealers Increase Vehicle Sales

If you’ve gone shopping for a vehicle within the past couple of…

Client Success: Increasing Qualified Traffic and Marketing ROI for Group of Oklahoma Auto Dealerships

According to Google, 95 percent of consumers use digital research tools when…

Client Success: Helping a Transportation Department Raise Local Awareness of Planned Traffic Disruptions

Public services organizations have a duty to keep local citizens informed of…

Client Success: Increasing Brand Awareness and Vehicle Volume for a Local Auto Repair Shop

When it comes to both automotive brands and auto repair shops, many…

Client Success: Increasing Auto Ad Views and Engagement for a Local Dealership

A local auto dealership wanted to increase views of their advertisements and with the right marketing tactics, it succeeded.

Automotive Advertising Trends 2022: Predictions for an Uncertain Market

To meet goals and deliver desired outcomes for the brands they serve, auto advertisers should be paying attention to key trends emerging in 2022.

Client Success: Growing a Local Customer Base for a Newly-Opened Auto Shop

A local auto shop wanted to attract new customers, and with the right advertising tactics, it succeeded.

Client Success: Increasing Utility Vehicle Sales for a Motorsports Automaker

A motorsports automaker wanted to increase utility vehicle sales and with the right advertising tactics, they succeeded.

Automotive Advertising with Cox Media

Marketing your dealership is about more than just selling cars. Through the right channels, you can establish yourself as a trusted business in your community.

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