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How to Expand Your Brand’s Reach By Enhancing Your Digital Ads

DV360 creates new, powerful options to build upon the performance and ROI offered through Google Ads.

Measuring Success in a Campaign: What You Should Be Looking For

A digital advertising partner can help you analyze performance data and apply its lessons to increase your advertising ROI.

What Google’s Extended Support for Cookies Means for Small Business Advertising

It’s worth taking another look at the implications of Google’s cookie extension for local businesses—as well as tips on how to best prepare for this change.

YouTube & Your Brand: Video Tips for Local Businesses

YouTube’s platform offers a blend of features and tools that sets it apart from every other online channel. It can work for your business in many ways.

Making a “Good Impression” Across Ad Platforms

As advertising options continue to multiply, the value of utilizing impressions as a performance metric has continued to grow.

iOS14 and the “Death of the Cookie”: How Your Digital Ad Strategy Can Thrive in a Post-Cookies Future

In recent years your ad strategy has probably factored in a digital file called a cookie. Cookies may be disappearing, but your ad strategy can still thrive.

How to Connect with Your Customers Using Video in 2020

Video has become a cornerstone of successful marketing and advertising for small businesses.

Does Your Online Advertising Strategy Need a Tune-Up?

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore These Signs Telling You to Adjust Your Efforts

The Digital Media Glossary: 10 Terms A Local Business Should Know

The first step in creating a strong advertising strategy is having a basic knowledge of key terms that frequently come up in important advertising conversa

Event Retargeting as Part of Your Local Business’ Advertising Strategy

How to “Meet” Potential Customers & Stay Connected Later

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