How to Expand Your Brand’s Reach By Enhancing Your Digital Ads

08.26.2021 2 min

Google Ads is one of the cornerstones of digital advertising for small businesses. If you’re currently running digital ads, you’re probably using the Google Ads platform—and if you’re just getting started, Google Ads is one of the places you’re most likely to start planning and launching campaigns.

With a massive online inventory and powerful campaign creation and analytics tools, Google Ads is a natural and valuable asset in your small business advertising strategy. This is especially true when considering its seamless integration with other advertising and marketing technologies within Google’s suite of business solutions, including a new ad technology known as Display & Video 360 (DV360).

DV360 creates new, powerful options to build upon the performance and ROI offered through Google Ads. But as a relatively new technology that requires a certain level of subject matter expertise, it isn’t always accessible to small business leaders running their own ad campaigns with limited in-house resources and expertise.

This added complexity doesn’t mean DV360 is off-limits to your business, though. With the right education on Google’s ad products, and the right partnerships to leverage platform expertise for better ad performance, your business can use this new ad technology to extend its reach and performance beyond your existing digital ad strategy.

Enhancing the Value of Google Ads

If your only ad experience is with Google Ads, you might have a hard time being persuaded by other technologies that promise to increase the value of your ad campaigns. Google Ads offers a number of value-added benefits for businesses, from its free platform access and “auto-pilot” ad campaigns to its diverse ad campaign options and access to expansive first-party data.

These are all great tools and resources to support your brand advertising ambitions. But many of these features can be complemented and enhanced through supplemental tools that fill gaps in Google Ads’ offerings. From extended ad inventories to more powerful insights and attribution, a tool like DV360 can enhance the value of your existing digital advertising efforts.

How DV360 Improves Your Advertising Reach

The ad inventories offered by Google Ads can be extended out by adding on DV360’s functionality. In addition to ad inventories across Google’s properties—including Google Search and YouTube, among others—DV360 also gives you access to ad inventories available on other publishers and exchanges. This creates new ad opportunities where you can meet your audience through cost-effective ads across several different channels.

DV360 also gives you the ability to combine Google first-party data with third-party data, enabling better audience targeting, analytics, and attribution. Remarketing campaigns can be run across multiple ad exchanges. Similarly, cross-campaign budgets can be managed across ad exchanges to optimize your spending and keep you within your advertising budget.

On top of these benefits, DV360 is only available through certified sales partners. This means the capabilities and benefits of this technology are less available to the masses, including your competitors. With insider access, your brand may create advertising advantages that rival brands can’t match through their current ad strategy.

The Importance of Working With a Certified Sales Partner

Because access to DV360 is restricted to certified sales partners—due in large part to the subject matter expertise required to use this technology and create value for your advertising—connecting with a preferred partner like Cox Media is your first step in taking your digital ad strategy to the next level.

Through our in-house expertise, we can guide you through ad strategy development and execution that leverages DV360 and combines digital and video advertising with linear TV and other, more traditional ad channels. This enables a holistic media plan that enhances ad performance across all of your campaigns, and maximizes your organization’s potential advertising ROI.

In a good-faith gesture of our commitment to creating new ad value for your brand, we also cover the cost of your DV360 technology platform fee, reducing your startup costs while betting on our expert service to impress our clients.

If you’re ready to take a bold next step in your brand advertising, connect with an advertising partner that can open doors to new capabilities. Contact Cox Media today to learn more.

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