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Client Success: Building Brand Awareness Among a Niche Regional Audience

Cost-effective advertising depends on precise audience targeting—especially if you’re a small business…

Holiday Marketing 2023: What Retailers Need to Know When Planning Seasonal Campaigns

Fears of a recession haven’t quite come to fruition, but consumer confidence…

Lessons from the ‘Barbie’ Marketing Blitz: Five Tips for Local Retailers

The Barbie brand is everywhere right now. In the weeks leading up…

2023 Retail Forecast: 4 Predictions for the Year Ahead

The 2022 holiday shopping season may have been a mixed bag for…

Holiday Shopping Trends and Predictions to Shape Your 2022 Advertising Strategy

Retail businesses are operating at the mercy of several significant forces affecting…

Client Success: Increasing Brand Awareness and Conversions Among a Niche Audience Group

A regional propane retailer media buyer wanted to reach a specific, niche audience and with the right advertising tactics, they succeeded.

Trends in Retail 2022: How Consumers and Technology are Reshaping the Industry

It’s clear that new retail technologies, combined with shifting customer desires and priorities, are continuing to alter the retail industry.

Client Success: Increasing Foot Traffic for a Local Furniture Retailer

A local furniture retailer wanted to increase foot traffic, and with the right advertising tactics, it succeeded.

Preparing Your Local Business for the Holiday Shopping Season

Retailers should be proactive not only in advertising their holiday sales early, but also stocking up on inventory to meet holiday season customer demand.

Advertising for Retail Businesses: How to Tap Into Customer Motivations

Consumers want to shop, but are unsure of where to spend their money in a post-pandemic retail landscape. Your retail advertising strategy will dictate your ability to reach these consumers and drive retail sales.

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