Client Success: Increasing Brand Awareness and Conversions Among a Niche Audience Group

01.07.2022 Sara Brasfield2 min

Niche brands and services typically serve niche audiences. But even within this relatively limited scope of potential customers, it’s possible for brands to miss out on audience groups that could expand their sales and revenue on a local and regional level.

This is the situation one regional propane retailer faced: while its current advertising strategy was successful in reaching the brand’s core audience, the business felt they were missing out on an opportunity to connect with another niche audience group within its service area.

The propane retailer reached out to Cox Media to connect with this niche audience and increase conversions among these homeowners.

The Goal

The regional propane retailer had identified an underserved target audience of homeowners who enjoy outdoor activities and consider themselves “foodies.” To broaden its customer base and grow demand for its niche services, the company sought help in developing a full-funnel campaign that increased brand visibility through ad impressions, and ultimately drove new customer conversions through propane sales to that target audience.

Accounting for a separate consumer audience meant segmenting its campaigns to incorporate more relevant messaging and engagement channels based on the characteristics of that audience group. Given the client’s lack of experience in delivering ads and successfully engaging this audience in the past, the brand recognized the importance of working with an ad partner that could accurately target ads to optimize for conversions and campaign ROI.

The Solution

Thanks to Cox Media’s robust internal research and consultation with the client, our ad experts recommended and implemented a targeted digital advertising campaign that leveraged Amazon’s user data—including purchase history and other shopping behavior—to target ad deliveries to local homeowners with a demonstrated interest in outdoor activities and/or cooking and dining.

This ad campaign also utilized Amazon product ID targeting to deliver ads to consumers who were already shopping for relevant products, including propane tanks, Blue Rhino-brand products, and products related to BBQing and grilling.

Advertisements across multiple digital channels were targeted to households located in the ZIP codes served and targeted by the regional propane retailer. This combination or targeting filters made it possible to precisely deliver niche ads to a niche audience, maximizing ROI potential far beyond the ROI offered through traditional ad channels.

The Results

After only one month of running the propane retailer’s targeted ad campaign, Cox Media’s newly implemented ad strategy delivered the following results:

  • More than 665,000 impressions within the first month;
  • 324 referral clicks back to the client website;
  • A total of 65 propane purchases among new customers;

The client also continues to benefit from the increased brand awareness and repeat customer potential created through its decision to target a new, relevant audience group. After this initial success, the client was eager to continue with the Amazon product ID targeting as a means of delivering ads to relevant potential buyers.

Looking to grow your business by expanding into new markets, products, services and/or audience groups? A digital advertising partner can help your targeted campaigns hit the ground running and start delivering results almost overnight. Contact Cox Media today to get started.

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