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Audience Insights: The Madness of Measuring March Viewership

The phrase “most wonderful time of the year” is most often associated…

Audience Insights: Concrete Calculations and the Potential Pitfalls of Percentages

Before he retired during my senior year in high school, my father…

The Professor’s Perspective Episode 3: Bridging the Generational Gap

Each generation has its own set of distinct preferences, beliefs, and life…

Audience Insights: Crossing the Streams

Among my many talents as a firmly entrenched Gen X-er* is the…

The Professor’s Perspective Episode 2: How & Where Advertisers Are Spending

Companies are continuing to increase their ad spend. Watch this video to see where these ad dollars are being spent.

Audience Insights: Saying Sayonara to Summer with a Smattering of Stats

In the spirit continually learning and relearning, here five recent media consumption stats and stories that we did not want to forget.

The Professor’s Perspective Episode 1: How We Spend Our Time

Your customers invest more than 13 hours each day engaging with media. Watch this video to see how and where consumers are spending that time.

Introducing: The Professor’s Perspective

In each short video, we’ll unpack complex media trends and distill them into digestible tips and insights. Today’s video is an introduction to this series.

Audience Insights: Local TV’s Perplexing Population Puzzle

Changes in how we access and consume television content are creating challenges when it comes to counting how many potential viewers are out there.

Audience Insights: Islands in the Stream…Is That What We Are?

This latest installment of our Audience Insights series focuses on five facts that can help frame the streaming discussion.

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