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Audience Insights: Local TV’s Perplexing Population Puzzle

Changes in how we access and consume television content are creating challenges when it comes to counting how many potential viewers are out there.

Audience Insights: Islands in the Stream…Is That What We Are?

This latest installment of our Audience Insights series focuses on five facts that can help frame the streaming discussion.

Audience Insights: A Starting Five of Facts About Female Sports Fans

This installment of our Audience Insights series focuses on five findings that can help marketers better understand and engage with female sports fans.

Audience Insights: 5 Things to Know About What’s Happening with Measuring Who’s Watching

Regardless of how consumers access their TV content, the ability for that viewership to be measured and counted accurately is critical.

Audience Insights: “Super” Consistent Cable Home to 96% of TV Sports Advertising Opportunities

ESPN’s Monday Night Football averaged nearly 14.2 million viewers, scoring the network’s highest regular-season audience numbers in more than a decade.

Preparing for the Future of TV with Broadband-Only Homes

A conversation with industry experts offers key insights for changes in audience measurement.

Audience Insights: We Need to Recap the Year…Stat!

Our Audience Insights team presents: 2021 by the (media consumption) numbers.

Audience Insights: TV Measurement Path “Paved With Good Intentions”

With 2022 on the horizon, data and analytics certainly play an increasingly important role in helping advertisers frame up the fragmented video landscape.

Audience Insights:  Nielsen Says BBO Is a Go…Again!

Nielsen announced that BBO integration in metered markets is being pushed back to January 2022. We met with our Director of Linear & Audience research to help put this delay into perspective.

June Audience Insights:  Cable Sports Get Back in the Game

Based on Cox Media analysis of Comscore national data, U.S. TV viewers steadily increased their time spent watching Cable sports networks in the first half of the 2021.

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