The Professor’s Perspective Episode 2: How & Where Advertisers Are Spending

08.12.2022 David Gustafson2 min

Welcome back to Cox Media’s video series, “The Professor’s Perspective.” In this episode, “The Professor” unpacks how and where advertisers are spending to reach audiences across all ad platforms.

How Does This Apply To Your Business?

Businesses just like yours are continuing to increase ad spend across multiple high-value advertising platforms. This video breaks down the data to provide insights on where these ad dollars are being spent and which platforms are earning the top spots, helping you consider (and your Cox Media team consider) the right media mix for reaching your audience.


Thanks again for your time and tune in for our next episode coming soon.

More About This Video Series

With so many advertising options, media jargon and acronyms, and the ever-changing nature of the industry itself, we know there’s a lot to digest and apply to your marketing efforts. I am David Gustafson, Cox Media’s Director of Linear & Audience Research (aka “The Professor”) and I’m here to help! In each short video, I’ll unpack complex media trends and distill them into digestible tips and insights you can use to help you plan your marketing approach more effectively and grow your business.

About the Author

David Gustafson

As Cox Media’s Director of Linear & Audience Research, David plays a key role in the company’s usage and interpretation of TV audience data. With more than two decades of industry experience, David currently is a member of the Nielsen Local Policy Guidelines Committee (PGC) and VAB Measurement Innovation Task Force, as well as client advisor to Comscore. Known as “The Professor,” David’s articles combine his passion for writing with a penchant for concisely explaining complex topics.

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