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Television Advertising

Connect with the content people crave

With all the advertising options available these days, television remains the best way to build awareness for your business. Whether you want to cast a wide net or reach a specific audience, Cox Media can put television’s unmatched storytelling power to work for your business.

With cutting-edge content continuously added to cable’s line up, your brand can appear alongside the shows people talk about most. And with our TV Everywhere solution, we can reach your customers wherever they go to watch their favorite shows - on apps, Connected TVs, Over-the-Top (OTT), and more.

The Power of Television


TV reaches nearly 90% of adults each week.

(Source: Nielsen, 2018)


of live sporting events are on cable television.

(Source: VAB, 2018)


Pay-TV subscriptions have grown 11% since 2016 among affluent households.

(Scarborough, 2018)
Discover how you can reach anyone, anywhere, on any screen.

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses just like yours find their audience and expand their reach.

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