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TV Advertising

Connect with the content people crave

With all the advertising options available these days, television remains the best way to build awareness for your business. Whether you want to cast a wide net or reach a specific audience, Cox Media can put television’s unmatched storytelling power to work for your business.

With cutting-edge content continuously added to cable’s line up, your brand can appear alongside the shows people talk about most. And with our TV Everywhere solution, we can reach your customers wherever they go to watch their favorite shows - on apps, Connected TVs, Over-the-Top (OTT), and more.


TV reaches nearly 90% of adults each week.

(Source: Nielsen, 2018)


of live sporting events are on cable television.

(Source: VAB, 2018)


Pay-TV subscriptions have grown 11% since 2016 among affluent households.

(Scarborough, 2018)
The Power of Television

How it works

  1. Get connected with one of our media consultants and chat about your business goals, objectives, and desired outcome.
  2. Review a custom advertising strategy based on your budget and built by our seasoned team of experts.
  3. Get back to focusing on your business' needs while our team gets to work bringing your campaign to life.

Our local markets

We have a team of local experts in 20 markets across the United States ready to provide your business with unparalleled cable advertising support.

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The True Cost of TV Advertising
If you ask a small business owner if they can afford to advertise through TV commercials, you are likely to get a lot of “No’s.” The broad visibility and production values of TV ads often convince many lean business operations that the cost of this advertising channel is way out of their modest budget.
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Cable Tops Broadcast as Top TV Destination: 3 Key Takeaways from Recent Nielsen Report

To keep up with evolving TV viewing habits—and to more accurately measure TV consumption across cable, streaming and other viewing channels—Nielsen has expanded its measurement and reporting strategies through the launch of its new TV and streaming report, The Gauge.

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TV Attribution with Cox Media

Having access to the right data is critical when making business and marketing decisions. With digital advertising, collecting data is relatively straightforward. But how can you ensure that your television ads are making an impact on your business? Learn more in the video below. 

Targeted advertising – local and beyond

We offer a wide range of full-service advertising solutions to help you grow your brand reach locally or nationwide.

“Once we got on television with Cox Media our phone and internet inquires went up substantially, which led to a 40% increase in sales.”

Frequently asked questions

The cost of advertising on cable TV varies greatly depending on the timing of the ad and the programming content the ad appears during. Overall, the cost is much lower than you may expect. The best way to identify the cost of advertising on cable TV for your business is to work with a media partner that can match up the right programming opportunities with your ideal audience.

The best way to get a commercial on cable TV is to work with a media partner that can build your schedule around the best programs and dayparts for your intended audience.

Television remains a foundational component for impactful advertising campaigns because TV programming remains one of the most effective media options for reaching consumers and growing brands. According to the VAB, 162 new-to-TV brands from 52 different industries invested more than $465 million in national TV advertising during the first half of 2021 “after seeing the positive momentum a national TV campaign generated for their competitors.”

TV advertising is most commonly evaluated using independent audience estimates produced by Nielsen or Comscore. Quantitative data from these companies primarily show the estimated total number of viewers to TV channels during specific dayparts. Qualitative data from other providers, meanwhile, can provide a more audience-based view of when and where to best drive results among the specific consumer segments most important to marketers – e.g., pet owners, auto intenders, etc.

TV advertising allows brands to reach the right audiences with the right messaging at the right time. Market intelligence firm eMarketer projects that the average U.S. adult will continue to spend more than three hours per day watching TV in 2022 – and another two-and-a-half-hours per day with digital video content.