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Who is Doing Display Advertising Well – And Why is it Working?

Cost-Effective Display Advertising and its Positive Impact on Integrated Advertising Campaigns

As advertising strategies continue to take shape, cost control and return on…

Start Here: Planning Display Advertising Campaigns

A successful display ad campaign is about more than the nuts and…

Client Success: Increasing Local Awareness of Central Florida Mental Health Services

A local mental health service provider wanted to increase local awareness and with the right advertising tactics, it succeeded.

Client Success: Boosting Ad Performance and ROI for Omaha Home Improvement Nonprofit

A local home improvement nonprofit wanted to increase ad performance and by partnering with Cox Media, they succeeded.

3 Display Advertising Best Practices to Maximize Your ROI

Whether used for building brand awareness or as part of a retargeting strategy, display advertising can be a cornerstone of your advertising success.

Credit Union Increases Customers Through Mobile Display and Video

Client Success: Advertising for Financial Service Providers Credit Union Increases Customers Through Mobile Display and Video A credit union wanted to incr

3 Things That All Great Banner Ads Have in Common

The Essentials of Banner Ad Creation and Beyond [Guest Blog Post]

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