Client Success: Increasing Local Awareness of Central Florida Mental Health Services

08.19.2022 Sara Brasfield

In addition to the stigmas that can prevent individuals from seeking out support for mental health challenges, many people open to receiving behavioral healthcare services can struggle to know where to get connected with trusted healthcare professionals.

For this reason, many mental healthcare organizations understand the importance of investing in marketing and advertising that can help them raise local awareness of their services to connect with individuals seeking help. In this instance, a local mental illness and substance abuse clinic decided to invest in awareness campaigns that would expand visibility of its mental health services throughout its regional service area.

The healthcare organization reached out to Cox Media for help planning and executing a campaign aligned with its business goals.

The Goal

A behavioral healthcare company wanted to create an awareness-level campaign that was targeted to two primary audiences: individuals suffering from mental health challenges, and the friends and family of people in need of mental health services.

By raising awareness of its services and clinic locations throughout its service area, the healthcare organization hoped to increase website traffic and inbound phone calls from individuals and loved ones seeking more information about the specific services offered—and, ultimately, to establish care with new patients throughout central Florida.

The Solution

To build awareness and drive responsiveness for its various mental health services, Cox Media developed a targeted ad campaign that combined behavioral, search and keyword contextual targeting across Google Search and programmatic display campaigns. This approach allowed the organization to target ads to individuals actively searching for mental health resources in their area, as well as individuals whose online behaviors and activities aligned with the behaviors of the clinic’s target audience.

These advertisements highlighted three key healthcare services offered by this behavioral healthcare provider, all of which offered immediate access to mental health resources:

  • On-site mental health response services for individual 25 years of age or younger;
  • Immediate crisis response for individuals in need;
  • Access to 24/7 support for mental health challenges.

To improve ad engagement and referral volume, Cox Media also employed a “contact us” CTA on all paid SEM campaigns.

The Results

Following an initial 90-day campaign run, the healthcare provider reported the following performance results:

  • A total of 49 inbound calls, with an average call length of 10 minutes;
  • More than 2,000 website visitors referred by the search and display ads;
  • 53 click-to-call referrals from mobile display ads;
  • The #1 position on the Google search results page;
  • Overall increases to both the total phone calls and website traffic during the campaign trial period.

Based on the success of this initial campaign, this client decided to extend the campaign by an additional 12 months, investing in continued referrals to connect more local patients with important mental health services.

Ready to build awareness and drive referrals for your healthcare organization or local business? Cox Media’s experts can create a custom ad campaign aligned with your company’s unique business goals. Contact us today to get started.

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