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Expert Insights On Using Facebook to Grow Your Brand and Your Business

To help small businesses with their Facebook strategy, we got tips straight from the source: a current business leader at Meta (formerly Facebook).

Bonus: Ask the Experts Facebook Q&A

We’re sharing an extended Q&A with the Facebook representative from our latest Ask the Experts webinar session.

Ask the Experts: Insights for Optimizing Your Brand’s Facebook Presence

Having a strategic presence on Facebook is vital for local business success…

Ask the Experts: Understanding & Utilizing Facebook to Build Your Brand

Having a strategic presence on Facebook is vital for local business success…

Advertising in Education: Strategies to Reach the Right Students for Your Institution

Cross-platform advertising can be more cost-effective, stretching your ad dollars while improving ad engagement with potential students.

The Most Common Website and Social Media Mistakes for Local Businesses—and How to Avoid Them

A broader and more active online presence will make you more accessible to today’s consumers and give you an opportunity to grow your following.

Client Success: Generating Bathroom Remodel Leads Through Social Media Campaigns

A local home services business wanted to generate more leads, and with the right advertising tactics, it succeeded.

Client Success: Improving Social Media Engagement for a Regional Food Distributor

A regional food distributor wanted to optimize their organic social media presence and with the right tactics and guidance, they succeeded.

The Importance of a Strong Organic Social Media Presence

A strong organic social media strategy will help your business to establish a positive, sustainable online reputation.

Social Media Management Services

Through our social media management services, Cox Media can help you stay connected to your customers without taking on more work as a local business owner.

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