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Reach people at every stage of their consumer journey with the versatile tactics of social media. From the initial moments of discovery, consideration and purchase to key later stages where brand loyalty and advocacy can come into play, social media advertising helps you pinpoint and reach the right customers with the right brand messaging in a more organic, less intrusive way. Social media advertising is especially effective when combined with other advertising channels, like paid search and display advertising.


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We can help you define or prioritize your business goals, or develop and execute a custom plan based on the goals you already have.


We can help you determine who you should advertise to based on your industry, goals and current customers.


We can help you get more out of your budget with a strategic mix of customized digital and TV advertising solutions.


Community Management 101: Best Practices for Interacting With Customers

Social media advertising and organic posts are great ways to interact with customers and potential customers. But all that interaction can quickly get overwhelming for small businesses. Learn more about how you can build trust, transparency and connection with your followers in this free guide to community management. Sign up for our free Resource Library to download this and other valuable resources.

Boost Your ROI With Multichannel Advertising

Enhance your social media advertising strategy with video, display and TV solutions that can reach hyper-specific local audiences or span the entire country.

“I very much appreciate Cox Media’s team approach to strategizing and implementation. They provide many new and creative opportunities to help us maximize our budget and get the most exposure possible. They also work very hard to make sure that all of the marketing tactics we use complement each other, so we maintain a strong brand and messaging to our audience.”

- Karen Rencehausen, Arizona Blood and Cancer Specialists

Frequently Asked Questions

Social Media marketing allows brands to advertise their message to a target audience on popular social networking sites, like Facebook and Instagram. These ads appear on a user’s newsfeed as they scroll their page’s content, providing a less intrusive yet highly engaging platform for brands to connect with their audiences.

You can buy social media ads on your own using Facebook’s self-service business tools. You can also work with a partner, like Cox Media, to support the buying and management of these ads. Running an ad campaign on your own can be confusing due to the number of targeting options, buying models and optimization tools. Working with a partner can help simplify the process and ensure your ad dollars are spent most efficiently to achieve your brand goals.

Yes. This form of advertising is one of the most effective channels for brands today. With the majority of adults accessing social media on a daily, even hourly, basis, audiences are highly engaged, which dramatically improves the overall performance and effectiveness of social media ads.

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