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Social Media Advertising

Get the Likes, Shares, or Connections you need for your business

Social media advertising places your messages where it can reach a wide array of audiences no matter which stage of the customer journey they’re in, from discovering a new brand to purchasing a product. With most Americans using a social media platform at least once a day, you can reach customers in a non-intrusive way that feels natural in the mix of their social media feeds.

Connect with potential customers while they view updates from friends or catch up on the latest news. With a range of targeting options, social media advertising helps you pinpoint and reach the right customers, and – as with many of our solutions – the power of social media advertising multiples when combined with tactics like paid search and display advertising.

Social Media


More that 70% of American use social media once a day

(Source: pewresearch.org, 2019)


Over half of Americans use social media several times per day

(Source: pewresearch.org, 2019)

Facebook & Instagram

Are two of the most popular social media platforms.

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