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Social Media Advertising

Increase brand recognition and make valuable connections with your customers

Social media advertising places your messages where it can reach a wide array of audiences no matter which stage of the customer journey they’re in, from discovering a new brand to purchasing a product or service. With a range of targeting options, social media advertising helps you pinpoint and reach the right customers, with the right brand messaging in a non-intrusive way. As with many of our Cox Media services – the power of social media advertising multiplies when combined with tactics like paid search and display advertising.


More than 70% of Americans use social media once a day

(Source: pewresearch.org, 2019)


Over half of Americans use social media several times per day

(Source: pewresearch.org, 2019)

Facebook & Instagram

Are two of the most popular social media platforms.

Social Media

How it works

  1. Get connected with one of our media consultants and chat about your business goals, objectives, and desired outcome.
  2. Review a custom advertising strategy based on your budget and built by our seasoned team of experts.
  3. Get back to focusing on your business' needs while our team gets to work bringing your campaign to life.
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The Power of Social Advertising for Small Businesses
Almost every type of business can benefit from building a social media presence. It’s not just for media companies and large, national enterprises - local retailers and service providers like HVAC and plumbing benefit from creating a social media presence and using it to engage with local customers.
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Your Advertising Checklist for Google, Amazon, Facebook & Instagram

Some ad platforms require advertisers to meet certain standards before running ads. Review this checklist to avoid violating any policies. We know it’s a lot to keep track of, that’s why Cox Media is always here to help ensure your campaign is successful.

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Client Success: Generating Bathroom Remodel Leads Through Social Media Campaigns

For residential remodeling companies, connecting with customers at the right moment is key to attracting their interest and winning their business. The importance of meeting prospects in their moment of need is compounded by the high earnings potential represented by a single client conversion.

Targeted advertising – local and beyond

We offer a wide range of full-service advertising options to help you grow your brand reach locally and nationwide.

Frequently asked questions

Social Media marketing allows brands to advertise their message to a target audience on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram. These ads appear on a user’s newsfeed as they scroll providing a less intrusive and highly engaging platform for brands to connect with their audience.

You can buy social media ads on your own using Facebook’s self-service business tools. You can also work with a partner, like Cox Media, to support the buying and management of these ads. Running an ad campaign on your own can be confusing due to the number of targeting options, buying models, and optimization tools. Working with a partner can help simplify the process and ensure your ad dollars are spent most efficiently to achieve your brand goals.

Yes. This form of advertising is one of the most effective channels for brands today. With the majority of adults accessing social media on a daily basis, audiences are highly engaged in improving the overall performance and effectiveness of social media ads.