Digital Audio Advertising

Tap Into the Moments When Your Audience Is Screenless

Connect with your customers when they’re streaming their favorite online radio stations, artists, albums, playlists or podcasts on services like Spotify, Apple Music, iHeartRadio and more. Digital audio enables you to deliver your message to your ideal audience at critical moments throughout their day — whether on their commute, at work or at home.

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We Make Digital Audio Advertising Simple


We can help you define or prioritize your business goals, or develop and execute a custom plan based on the goals you already have.


We can help you determine who you should advertise to based on your industry, goals and current customers.


We can help you get more out of your budget with a strategic mix of customized digital and TV advertising solutions.


Boost your ROI with Multichannel Advertising

Enhance your digital audio advertising strategy with TV, display and video solutions that can reach hyper-specific local audiences or span the entire country.

Cox Media has the best research and planning of any media group I’ve worked with, and their customer service is exceptional.

- Angela Ferguson, Energize Marketing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes referred to as “online radio advertising,” digital audio advertising is the delivery of ads in audio format through online streaming platforms like podcasts or music streaming apps. Specifically, digital audio advertising also lets you insert your message programmatically before or during streaming music, news and podcasts.

Digital audio advertising works on similar principles as video advertising. You can set your own campaign strategy and goal to reach the right audience via digital audio platforms, like Spotify, Apple Music and iHeartRadio. Digital audio is ideal for businesses looking to reach a wider audience with their advertising campaigns.

Streaming audio takes the engagement of traditional radio and adds the benefits of a digital environment. It is cost-effective, highly targeted and creates a personal experience for the user without the need for a visual component. Lastly, digital audio is a thoughtful space when it comes to ad frequency and forced engagement, which creates less ad fatigue for the consumer compared to other advertising mediums.

Streaming audio is cost-effective and purchased on a CPM basis, which means less media waste for a business. Digital audio campaigns can also be easily customized to fit most budgets.

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