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Internal Marketing: 4 Steps to Closing Your Brand’s Missing Link

Are your employees the brand advocates you need them to be? [Blog Post]

Programmatic TV Firm AudienceXpress Inks Data Partnership With Rentrak

Advertisers are starting to get a lot more options to target TV ads with…

Clypd Optimizes Programmatic TV Platform [Breaking News]

Clypd, a maker of programmatic TV advertising systems, has released…

Going Programmatic to Get Your Content Seen

Programmatic, digital media, programmatic advertising, targeting, marketing, targeted marketing

The Industry’s Take on Programmatic

Programmatic; programmatic advertising; digital media; targeting; digital marketing; industry trends; targeted ads; marketing

What Publishers Can Learn From Condé Nast’s Embrace of Programmatic

Programmatic, digital media, Conde Nast, digital sales, advertisers, advertising

Turbo Tax Becomes First Programmatic Ad Buyer on ESPN’s SportsCenter

ESPN has sold its first programmatic ad for “SportsCenter”

TV Audience Buying Is Only Half the Story [Breaking News]

Programmatic TV is half audience buying, half technology automation

Ad Buyers Can Target Cox Viewers In 2015 With AudienceXpress [Breaking News]

The sale of TV advertising is about to go a lot more programmatic; Ad buyers can target Cox viewers in 2015 with AudienceXpress

SpotXchange Cooks Up Programmatic TV Initiative [Breaking News]

SpotXchange hires Randy Cooke to the post of vice president of programmatic TV; brings more web-style automation to buying and selling of TV advertising

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