Clypd Optimizes Programmatic TV Platform [Breaking News]

02.19.2015 3 min

Clypd, a maker of programmatic TV advertising systems, has released Optimize, a product module designed to deliver improved yields across TV asset inventory schedules. Univision, the company revealed, will be among the programmers that will put Optimize in play early on.  

Clypd, one of growing number of companies that’s focused on programmatic TV advertising systems, aims to provide the automated workflows and technical plumbing (billing, invoicing, etc.) required to bring scale to the sales process. In addition to Univision, clypd is also known to be working with a variety of cable networks, broadcasters and MVPDs, including ESPN, Cox Media and Suddenlink Communications.  

The new Optimize platform integrates components of clypd’s product line, including its engine for programmatic transactions that matches demand to a media owner’s available inventory.  

That set of tools, the company said, takes into account several elements, including business rules around distribution and pricing, before generating advertising schedules that can be inserted into the traffic system. “It’s really about delivering a solution that is optimized on behalf of the media owner,” Jason Burke, clypd’s vice president of products, said.

While some programmatic-facing vendors started on the digital side and are now extending a bridge to the TV world, clypd has focused on the still much larger TV side of the ad business from the get-go (the Boston-based company was founded in 2012), meaning its customers won’t have to replace legacy technology in order to enter the programmatic world, Burke explained.  

He said clypd, which represents the supply side of the TV advertising quadrant, has a “laser focus” on linear and addressable TV ad inventory, but notes that the company’s platform is also being built to extend a “digital-like” technical environment to other types of ad-supported video services, including video-on-demand and TV Everywhere. Such a cross-platform, “holistic” view of buying and selling across TV, mobile and digital is a noble goal, but one that’s still out on the horizon, he said.  

Clypd’s platform is used to sell long-tail inventory, but in more instances its partners are tapping in to maintain private, more controlled marketplaces that enable automation, reduce friction, and drive more research into the buying process. The latter example is the approach that’s being undertaken by Univision, which is the on-boarding process, according to Bruce Dilger, clypd’s chief solutions architect.    

“Unlike the supply-saturated impression-by-impression sales world that is common within digital environments, television’s supply/demand ratio and the spot-based inventory structure demands tools that are built specifically for these nuances,” said Kevin Cuddihy, president of local media at Univision, in a statement. “Optimize addresses these problem statements and brings it five steps forward through configurable KPI goal optimization.”


Source: Multichannel

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