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Advertising for Solar Companies: 5 Tips to Drive Connections and Conversions With Local Customers

For solar companies and consumers alike, there’s growing pressure to convert new clients and install residential solar panels sooner rather than later.

How to Keep Customers Happy During Labor Shortages and Other Disruptions

While labor and supply chain disruptions are a threat to your business, it’s possible to maintain strong customer satisfaction in spite of a disrupted customer experience.

Perfecting the Customer Journey: The Value of Embracing a Membership Mindset

Your customers are seeking relationships, not transactions. They value credibility and reputation over value. And they want a purchase experience that goes beyond the conversion itself.

Ask the Experts: Rethinking the Customer Journey

The world of marketing is ever-changing, but what has changed the most…

3 Ways Consumer Confidence in the Economy May Influence Your Ad Spend

To capitalize on new revenue opportunities, many businesses—including your competitors—are investing in advertising to claim market share and customers.

Back to School Advertising in 2021: 4 Ways Retailers Can Move to the Head of the Class

This year, the return to on-campus schooling will increase the need not only for school supplies, but also clothing, backpacks and more.

Cox Media: The Tip of The Iceberg

When you work with Cox Media, you’re working with a family of companies ready to support you and connect you directly with your customers and community.

3 Reasons Your Local Business Should Shift to an Audience-Centric Mindset

Audience-based buying can help you improve the impact of your campaigns by making sure ads are being delivered to the right people.

Ask the Experts: Why Local Businesses are Shifting Towards an Audience-First Mindset

Did you know that only 1 in 5 marketers believe they are…

Looking to the Future of Ad Spending: 3 Top Trends Among Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

As businesses look for ways to generate revenue in 2021, advertising and marketing are the clear paths to build back their business.

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