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Does Your Local Business Need a Multilingual Marketing Strategy?

Translation is important in any multilingual strategy, but it needs to be paired with efforts that understand the cultural context of the target audience.

Hyperlocal Marketing: What Is It, and Why Should Local Businesses Care?

When planned, launched and managed by a trusted marketing professional, your hyperlocal approach can deliver a number of business benefits.

Consumer Trends and Predictions Shaping Back-to-School Shopping in 2022

As with all seasonal shopping trends, the current economic conditions are expected to have a pronounced influence on back-to-school shopping behaviors.

Beyond Age & Gender: The Precision and Value of Audience-Based Solutions

Digital advertising has dramatically scaled the various data points businesses can use when targeting an audience.

How to Advertise Your Local Business During Election Season

Political campaigns for the 2022 election cycle are well underway, with political ads already running on TV and other advertising channels.

How the Right Media Partner Can Help Your Business Achieve More

With so many nuanced components of a marketing strategy, having a supportive media partner is vital for helping you achieve long-term business success.

Consumer Spending Outlook for 2022 Tax Refunds

This year will bring drastic changes to how consumers spend their tax refund money. Here’s a look at how these trends might affect local businesses.

6 Best Practices for Local Business Email Marketing

Email fatigue can be a serious threat to your marketing strategy—to combat it, you have to find compelling reasons for your customers to open your emails.

Adjusting to Inflation—and Increasing Prices—Without Frustrating Your Customers

If you’re worried about customer backlash to price increases, consider taking additional steps to curry favor among customers and support retention.

6 Media Trends for Reaching Hispanic Audiences

Here are six trends in the ways the Hispanic audience interacts with media that can help you market to this impactful demographic.

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