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The Importance of a Strong Brand Presence – Even in a Challenging Economic Environment

When economic uncertainty strikes, your brand isn’t merely an asset to your…

Advertising Across the Customer Journey

As a local business, you’re probably already familiar with the traditional sales…

4 Effective Advertising Strategies for Connecting with Hispanic Audiences

The U.S. Hispanic population has grown rapidly over the past decade, with…

Planning Your Annual Ad Buy: A Small Business Guide to Advertising Success

Whether it’s your growth goals or your overall business model, the lesson…

Top eCommerce Advertising Trends in 2022

eCommerce allows any business to break down geographic barriers that may otherwise limit where – and to what customers – you are able to sell.

Recession-Proof Marketing Efforts: How a Better ROI Strategy Can Help Smart Businesses Grow

During these times, businesses are better served by prioritizing ROI strategies aimed at optimizing performance rather than cutting back on ad spending.

Does Your Local Business Need a Multilingual Marketing Strategy?

Translation is important in any multilingual strategy, but it needs to be paired with efforts that understand the cultural context of the target audience.

Hyperlocal Marketing: What Is It, and Why Should Local Businesses Care?

When planned, launched and managed by a trusted marketing professional, your hyperlocal approach can deliver a number of business benefits.

Consumer Trends and Predictions Shaping Back-to-School Shopping in 2022

As with all seasonal shopping trends, the current economic conditions are expected to have a pronounced influence on back-to-school shopping behaviors.

Beyond Age & Gender: The Precision and Value of Audience-Based Solutions

Digital advertising has dramatically scaled the various data points businesses can use when targeting an audience.

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