The Benefits of Creating Ad Campaigns with Diversified Messaging

06.29.2023 Sara Brasfield3 min

Businesses dream of the prospective customer who sees an ad one time and either visits the business location or makes a conversion. If only it were this easy, right?

The reality is a little more complicated. Most consumers don’t convert after a single ad exposure, even if they have a great initial impression of the brand. In most cases, it takes time, familiarity, and a deeper sense of the brand’s offerings and value before your target audience is moved to make a purchase or other conversion.

Fortunately, digital ad campaigns are perfectly suited to this challenge: with multiple digital channels at your disposal, and powerful tools to help connect campaigns and measure performance, any business can build a multi-channel ad strategy that uses diversified messaging and layered advertising tactics to build brand awareness and deepen your audience’s interest in your brand.

If you want your ad campaigns to deliver a reliable return on investment, this layered approach is essential. Here are some of the ways these tactics can be used to deliver better results and raise the floor for your long-term ad performance.

Achieve Holistic Engagement Through Multi-Channel Advertising

Consumers are active all day long across a wide range of digital channels—sometimes even using multiple screens and channels at the same time. To keep pace and meet them where they’re at, digital ad strategies should plan and launch campaigns across multiple channels to maximize interactions and meet their audience at the right moment.

Layered advertising can leverage the footprint of these diversified channels while also enabling better ad personalization—especially when remarketing campaigns are used to engage consumers with the most compelling messaging. According to McKinsey, effective personalization can deliver a 5-8x increase in campaign ROI, as well as a 10 percent average lift in sales.

Even when consumers are switching between cable TV, social media and other digital channels, a diversified campaign can keep pace with them and increase your brand’s visibility. A mix of ad messaging can ensure that these channels are being used to switch up your pitch and increase the likelihood of a referral or conversion.

Diversify Messaging to Address Multiple Pain Points

Most businesses have numerous ways to appeal to their consumers. Similarly, your target audience may be motivated by a wide range of pain points, including the cost of products and services, your access to inventory, the strength of your brand’s reputation, and many other potential drivers.

A layered approach to advertising lets you speak to these different pain points, showing consumers all the different ways your business can offer value. It also increases your chances of turning a prospect into a conversion: if a particular consumer isn’t motivated by price but wants to shop at a well-regarded local business, for example, they’ll be much more likely to respond to advertisements that speak to this specific pain point.

When ad campaigns can speak to all of the benefits and features of your brand experience, you’ll be in a better position to grow your customer base with cost-efficiency and speed.

Avoid Ad Fatigue and Keep Your Brand Top-of-Mind

The famed “rule of 7” principle contends that consumers need to see an ad about seven times before they’re compelled to take action.

Yet research from Simulmedia suggests that ad fatigue begins to set in somewhere between six and 10 ad exposures, creating a paradox for advertisers: how do you balance the need for multiple ad touches without increasing the risk that ad fatigue and ad blindness will upend your campaign goals?

Diversified messaging—including visual creative elements—can solve this conundrum. By switching up the messaging, consumers will be more receptive to branded ads and marketing without growing numb to the same, stale messaging. This allows your brand to build awareness and stay top-of-mind with your audience while keeping the message fresh, extending your campaign runway and keeping ad fatigue at bay.

Evaluate Messaging Performance to Optimize Your Approach

An overlooked benefit of diversified messaging is its value in testing the outcomes for different ad elements. From the messaging itself to accompanying ad creative, diversified messaging lends itself naturally to A/B testing certain ad elements to identify which strategies drive the best results.

In cases where one type of messaging is more effective than the others, for example, your business can try to determine why the messaging is achieving such success—and then try to steer other ads toward similar results. By contrast, poor-performing assets can be revised or replaced to bring their performance metrics in line with the rest of your messaging. With diversified assets, you increase the types of data available to inform your digital strategy.

Diversified ad campaigns may be complex in design, but a trusted marketing strategy consultant can simplify the tasks of planning, managing and optimizing campaigns to support your advertising goals.

Cox Media’s in-house expertise and proprietary tools give your business an edge when building a layered advertising strategy across multiple channels. We’ll help you identify the best-fit channels, coordinate messaging and cross-channel engagement, and turn analytics insights into tangible improvements that boost performance across your entire digital strategy.

Find out how we can help your business—contact us today to learn more.

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