Client Success: Community Involvement Key to Branding Success

12.01.2016 Cox Media

San Diego, California 


The Nothing Bundt Cakes San Diego team opened its doors with one location in 2006 but has grown to seven bakeries in just nine short years.  The mission of the Nothing Bundt Cakes brand is to make delicious cakes, unlike any other cake out there.  They use the freshest ingredients to achieve perfection and offer a wide variety of flavors to outfit any occasion.  The Nothing Bundt Cakes team helps customers find the sweet spot for any moment.


Nothing Bundt Cakes was looking to grow the business into multiple San Diego locations while adhering to strict corporate marketing policies.  Being a franchise, they needed to make sure they were in line with what the Nothing Bundt Cakes brand wanted which made it difficult to create a straight branding campaign.

Nothing Bundt Cakes San Diego needed to get creative.  They needed to tie their advertising in with a community initiative to get their name out to the public.


Cox Media came to Nothing Bundt Cakes at just the right time.  Nothing Bundt Cakes knew that they wanted to expand but had not yet found a creative way to get their name in the community.  Cox Media had a community campaign already in place that would allowed Nothing Bundt Cakes to give back and say thank you to San Diego.

Cox Presents a Salute to Teachers was the perfect fit.  The local show highlights San Diego’s best and brightest teachers with a glamourous reception and live event at a historic San Diego theater.  In addition to the one day event, the overall promotion was a multi-platform campaign spanning several months and included a ton of exposure.  This was a way to recognize something near and dear to the client as well as further the mission of the bakery, all while adhering to corporate policies.


Since our first Salute to Teachers partnership in 2014, Nothing Bundt Cakes has opened two more San Diego locations.  They recently relocated one shop and the new address is performing 30-50% over the old location.  Overall, the company is seeing 20% growth and they attribute much of that success to their partnership with Cox Media.  They value the relationship and the team approach and feel that Cox Media goes above and beyond. The key for Nothing Bundt Cakes was the promise of something deliverable.   Cox has been their partner in understanding the challenges of incorporating the corporate brand and overcoming the challenge for great success on a local level.

Nothing Bundt Cakes has also signed on as a 2015 partner of Cox Presents a Salute to Teachers.  We look to have an even greater and more exciting year!

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