Health and Wellness Advertising Trends: 4 Tips to Convert “New Year, New You” Customers

12.02.2021 Sara Brasfield2 min

When it comes to cashing in on renewed fitness goals, there’s no time like the start of a new calendar year. Consumer surveys have shown that exercise-related resolutions are the most common type of goal set around the New Year holiday. It’s no surprise, then, that January sees by far the highest rate of gym membership sign-ups compared to any other month on the calendar.

With demand for health and fitness products and services at its peak during the first quarter of every calendar year, health and wellness companies must prioritize advertising strategies that capitalize on these “new year, new you” aspirations and convert as many eager new customers as possible before your competitors win them over.

Looking for tips to optimize your advertising strategy and maximize the ROI of this seasonal campaign? Read on for our recommendations to take advantage of advertising trends and lift your brand above the competition.

1. Embrace ‘New Year, New You’ in Your Seasonal Messaging

Good advertisements understand and engage with the mindset of their customers. With the new year inspiring new lifestyle changes and commitments to health and wellness goals, consumers are looking for resources, services and brands that can help them realize their “new year, new you” vision.

Seasonal ad campaigns should lean into this ambition and attempt to meet prospective customers where they’re at. Highlight how your company is able to support those motivated prospects, and incorporate energetic messaging that your audience will read as positive and encouraging. With optimism for New Year’s resolutions at a seasonal high, customers will naturally gravitate toward brands eager to join them on that journey.

2. Highlight the Benefits of Your Local Presence

Online and virtual fitness experiences have expanded in recent years, with in-home products like Peloton and NordicTrack selling products that connect consumers to virtual communities, trainers, and training programs. To win over prospects choosing between in-person health and wellness businesses and their online rivals, your business needs to lean into the elements of its branded experience that can’t be replicated online.

These benefits will vary from one business to the next. A local gym might tout its expansive array of professional fitness equipment, while a health bar might highlight its health-minded menu of snacks, juices, and other items. Your business might also host, sponsor, and/or participate in local events that both increase your brand visibility and facilitate more socialization and engagement for your loyal customers.

No matter what benefits you’re able to identify as a local business, highlight these advantages across your local ad campaign.

3. Geo-Target Ad Delivery to Relevant Local Properties

Looking to steal away your competitors’ customers with new branded experiences or cost-cutting promotions? Eager to focus your advertising on neighborhoods where you’ve found success attracting new clients? Geo-targeted ad delivery makes it easy to target advertising to strategic locations where your primary audience is likely to be found.

When choosing how to target this ad delivery, think about how your existing customer base found you, and where they were coming from when they decided to convert. Through targeted ad delivery, you can optimize your ad spending to focus resources on promising new customers most likely to take an interest in your business.

4. Emphasize Community-Building Opportunities

Many health, fitness and wellness business models have determined that community-building offers value in keeping customers engaged and invested in the brand and their wellness experience.

By promoting and investing in community-building efforts, you aren’t just offering prospects another reason to commit to your branded health and wellness experience. You’re also creating an opportunity to improve customer retention by expanding your brand relationship to include the relationships your customers cultivate among themselves.

Social media can be a great option for promoting your brand’s emphasis on community, using both paid and organic social posts to highlight the social aspect of your branded experience.

Don’t let valuable seasonal conversion opportunities pass your business by. A targeted digital advertising campaign can connect with your highest-value prospects and deliver optimized messaging that maximizes your conversion rate and your advertising ROI.

Cox Media’s advertising experts are ready to build a successful branded campaign that delivers new leads and conversions to grow your local health and wellness business. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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