How the Right Media Partner Can Help Your Business Achieve More

05.11.2022 Alyson Phillips

In nearly every aspect of life, success happens through the support of a team. At your business, you’ve built a team that serves your customers well. Adding a supportive marketing partner to your team can take that one step further and help tell your story well.

With so many moving parts making up a business marketing strategy, the right media partner can make all the difference in connecting that strategy to your overall goals and optimizing for long-term success. If you want to get the best bang for your marketing buck, you need a trusted media team behind you to help implement a holistic marketing strategy.

Improving Outcomes Through a Partnership Approach

When your business works with a trusted media partner, you aren’t simply outsourcing your marketing activities to a third-party vendor. Instead, you’re complementing your existing business infrastructure with experienced media experts that can consult and collaborate on your entire marketing strategy, from development to optimization – all starting with taking the time to understand you and your business.

The benefits of this partner approach include:

  • Discovery conversations to define marketing goals and connect them to KPIs;
  • Recommendations on how to maximize marketing spending across various media channels;
  • Robust audience targeting to define your core audience (or audiences) and deliver ads strategically based on demographics, geographic location, online behavior, and other data points;
  • Access to a broader range of ad inventories and ad-buying options;
  • Improved analytics and reporting to understand marketing performance and plan out optimizations.

Most importantly, a media partner gives you access to a brain trust specializing in the marketing challenges and opportunities facing your business – and the data you need to understand your customers even more. Even as your marketing strategy grows more complex, your media partner will make it easy to understand the high-level strategy goals—and you’ll always have the final say on how your business develops and launches its marketing campaigns.

Refining Your Marketing Strategy Over Time

A good media partner is a long-term relationship that will grow as your company grows in the future. Media partners are invested in your company’s success, and the value of their insights and recommendations will only increase as they gain experience with your business, your marketing strategy, and the marketing best practices unique to your company.

This value is reflected in the ongoing optimizations and refinements made to your marketing strategy in the months and years ahead. A media partner can also help you navigate business developments that change your desired marketing goals, and thus your marketing strategy itself. If, for example, your once-new business has outgrown its significant investments in building local brand awareness, you may instead want to adjust your marketing priorities to increase investments into customer retention campaigns.

While such changes may be intimidating to business leaders not experienced in managing multi-channel media campaigns, your media partner will have extensive experience in adapting marketing strategies as new business goals emerge. This ensures that your marketing strategy will continue to fit your business needs and deliver ROI even as the business grows and evolves.

The Value of a Holistic Approach to Marketing

A key benefit of working with a supportive media partner is the combination of their knowledge of the media world and your knowledge of your business. This partner can influence your marketing strategy and – most importantly – maximize your marketing spend by building a holistic strategy that supports your business goals, while incorporating relevant and effective advertising tactics.

Even if you are facing limited marketing resources, you’re likely promoting your business and targeting your audience across multiple channels. Digital marketing campaigns managed via search, social, display and other channels can be developed and launched with scalable, cost-effective budgets to maximize your marketing spend while also prioritizing ROI.

In today’s era of consumer activity, no single marketing channel operates in a vacuum. Consumers take winding customer journeys that cross multiple marketing channels and touchpoints, which means marketing channels are always working in concert with one another to deliver your desired goals. This is why a holistic approach to marketing is so important: by monitoring and managing these campaigns as part of a larger marketing strategy, you can ensure these disparate campaigns are serving the same purposes, and contributing to your efforts to drive measurable ROI.

Managing these campaigns can be time-intensive—especially if you aren’t experienced in running holistic brand marketing strategies. This is where a trusted media partner can deliver new value for your business, improving marketing outcomes and ROI across your entire strategy.

Build a brighter business future by working with partners who can elevate your marketing both now and in the years to come. At Cox Media, we pride ourselves on taking a client-centric approach to marketing strategy, developing campaigns and strategic blueprints based on the goals your business is seeking to achieve.

Let us help you align your marketing strategy with your business goals—contact us today to learn more.

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Alyson Phillips

Alyson is the Director of Marketing at Cox Media’s corporate offices in Atlanta. With a background in journalism and over a decade of experience in brand marketing, she has a passion for connecting brands to their customers through powerful storytelling. In her role, she’s responsible for amplifying the Cox Media brand in the communities we serve nationwide – whether through advertising, thought leadership, or the customer experience. When she’s not working, she’s chasing around her twin toddlers and spending as much time outdoors as possible.

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