Online Video: Cutting Through the Hype

08.04.2016 Merrie Beth Salazar3 min

3 Things You Actually Need to Know About the Fastest-Growing Category of Online Advertising

Are you tired of being bombarded with information about the importance of online video to your business’s marketing plan? I know I am. With so many articles, advice and data out there about the importance of online video advertising, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, hide your head in the sand, and leave online video out of your marketing mix—but that would be a big mistake. 

Let’s cut through the hype and focus on the 3 things you really need to do to make online video work for your business.

1. Develop videos that work for multiple purposes. Creating videos that can be used in a variety of ways — as online ads, television ads, on your website and on your social media accounts —saves you money and time. More important, it helps reinforce your business’s brand by promoting the same message across a variety of channels, expanding your potential audience.

2. Plan for second-screen viewing. Nearly nine out of 10 Americans “second screen” —that is, use additional devices while watching television1. When developing video, keep in mind that your prospective customers expect a seamless experience on every screen they use — from tablets and smartphones to laptops and desktops – so your video must be equally effective on each size device. If it is, viewers will do more than watch — they’ll take action. After viewing an online video ad on a tablet, 43% of viewers find out more about the brand online, 41% visit the brand’s website, 36% click on the ad and one-third talk to friends and family about the brand2.

3. Use social media to drive word of mouth. Some two-thirds of U.S. Internet users watch videos on Facebook3, and that number will only grow: Mark Zuckerberg has predicted that by 2020, Facebook’s news feed will mostly be videos. If Facebook users like a video, they share it: Social media posts with videos generate a whopping 1,200% more shares than posts with text and images4. Creating videos that are entertaining, inspiring, funny or educational helps your brand get attention, spread the word virally and maximize return on your investment in video.

Bonus tip: Get help from an online-video professional. If the prospect of creating online video still intimidates you, turn to the experts to make it easier. Advertising and online video professionals can help you create, produce and promote a video that achieves your advertising goals.

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