Owning Your Business’ Facebook Page: Why It’s Important for You and Your Marketing Partners

10.26.2022 Molly Osmon5 min

Facebook Business Pages have become one of the most fundamental digital properties any local business can own. In addition to the ease of building a following and engaging with your customer base through Facebook, setting up a page is also free and easy. Some businesses even prioritize a Business Page over creating their own business website.

When you team up with a digital advertising partner, this Business Page will play a key role in planning and launching social media campaigns. To help create and manage these campaigns, though, your partners will need access to your page, as well as the right permissions to authorize campaign creation, spending, and other key activities.

As a business owner, you can support your ad partners and your overall social media performance by making sure you have the right access to your page to add new partners. Read on for some useful background information that will help avoid unnecessary headaches in your social media marketing and advertising.

Who Owns Your Facebook Page?

If you were the individual who created your Facebook Business Page, it’s likely that you are the current owner of the page. However, it’s possible that this setting would have been changed over time. It’s also possible that your Facebook page is owned by an individual who is no longer associated with your business.

Fortunately, page ownership is easy to check. Once you’ve reached your Business Page, click on “Settings” in the navigation bar, then scroll down until you see the “Page Roles” section. Every individual with an assigned role will be listed here, including the page owner. Review this list until you identify the name of the page owner. If you are unfamiliar with who created your page or if you as the business owner are not a current admin on the page, it’s important to rectify this because, without the proper access to your page, you cannot approve new page role requests, which can slow down the campaign launch process with marketing partners. Only page owners and admins can add new partners or individuals to a business page. If you do not know who can complete this task, it can create confusion and frustration for both you and your partners, making it imperative to own your page or know who can approve adding new partners.

Key Page Roles You Need to Know

“Page Owner” is one of many different roles that may be assigned through your Facebook page. Over time, additional roles may become necessary to manage permissions for the page and to grant advertising partners and other vendors access to different information and capabilities available through your Business Page.

In addition to page owner, these roles can include:

  • Admin. An admin has total access to the Business Page, including the ability to edit settings, change roles, and assign roles to new individuals.
  • Editor. Editors can post content and perform all other actions besides managing page roles and changing settings.
  • Moderator. A moderator can send messages on the Business Page’s behalf and can respond to and moderate comments posted to the page.
  • Jobs manager. For businesses using Facebook to recruit for open positions, a jobs manager role can post new openings and manage incoming applications.
  • Advertiser. An advertiser can only create ads and view ad performance data.
  • Analyst. Analysts are only able to view page-specific insights, including who has published content to the page.

What to Do When You’ve Lost Page Ownership

If you no longer have ownership of your Facebook Business Page, you will have to go through Facebook Support to explain your situation and ask them to reinstate you as the page owner.

The best way to start this process is by visiting the Meta Business Help Center and clicking “support” in the top right-hand corner. From there, you can explain the reason you are contacting support and find out what is required to have your Business Page returned to you.

Be prepared to provide specific documentation and identification as requested by the support team, including government-issued ID. You may also need to provide an in-depth explanation of who currently owns the page, how they became the owner, and why ownership should be transferred to you.

How to Grant Page Access to Your Marketing Partners

When you work with a digital marketing or advertising partner to create social media campaigns for your business, that partner will need permission to access your Business Page, create paid campaigns, and monitor performance.

To do this, an admin for your Business Page will need to add the partner, granting them the necessary permissions to build these campaigns. At Cox Media, we typically request administrative access to your page. That is because there are limitations with the “advertiser access” that sometimes limits us from necessary tasks we need to complete on your behalf. For example, Facebook has recently implemented regulations where only page admins can verify websites for pixel creation. As an advertising partner, we frequently create and place pixels on your behalf and need admin access to do so. This level of access ensures we are not limited by any tasks we need to complete on your behalf.

If you are only comfortable with advertiser access, that is fine. However, proper expectations need set at the beginning of the partnership in terms of what level of access you are comfortable granting your partner and what your partner can and cannot do with that level of access. Keep in mind that your partner can only begin working on your behalf once you have granted access, so completing this request in a timely manner is imperative.

By properly managing Business Page roles and granting the right permissions to your partners and key stakeholders, you can simplify your own Facebook page management while maximizing the value of this branded social property.

Looking for a marketing partner to help you plan, launch, and optimize social campaigns? Contact Cox Media today—we are here to help.

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