Plastic Surgeon Expands New Business

06.12.2018 Cox Media

Client Success: Advertising for Cosmetic Surgery Practices

Plastic Surgeon Expands New Business

A local plastic surgeon was leaving a group practice and starting his own. He was starting over completely as a new business that needed branding assets such as a logo and a cohesive look and feel, as well as a branding and awareness campaign to let people know he was now open for business.

The campaign began with Cox Creative Studios focusing on the doctor’s branding assets. A logo and brand guide were developed that steered all of the new marketing assets. We used cable television, in-banner video, video pre-roll, and Facebook video to drive the branding and awareness campaign.

The campaign outpaced benchmarks by 500%. Ultimately, the business was able to bring in enough new patients during our campaign to expand their staff and buy new equipment.

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