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Audience-Based Advertising Solutions: Evaluating Success and Optimizing for the Future

As advertising technology and measurement continue to evolve, more and more businesses…

Beyond Age & Gender: The Precision and Value of Audience-Based Solutions

Digital advertising has dramatically scaled the various data points businesses can use when targeting an audience.

Audience Insights: Local TV’s Perplexing Population Puzzle

Changes in how we access and consume television content are creating challenges when it comes to counting how many potential viewers are out there.

Political Advertising in 2022: Why Precise Audience Targeting is Key to Campaign Success

Here’s a look at why enhanced audience targeting may be the difference-maker your campaign needs to connect with local voters this election cycle.

Switching to Impressions: The First Stop On Your Journey Toward Audience-Based Ad Buying

Read on to learn more about impressions, ABS, and how these innovative approaches can lift your advertising strategy to new heights.

Cox Media + Audience-Based Advertising Solutions for Television

Audience-based solutions allow TV ads to be sold on an impressions basis like digital, creating a common currency across both digital and traditional media platforms.

3 Reasons Your Local Business Should Shift to an Audience-Centric Mindset

Audience-based buying can help you improve the impact of your campaigns by making sure ads are being delivered to the right people.

Ask the Experts: Why Local Businesses are Shifting Towards an Audience-First Mindset

Did you know that only 1 in 5 marketers believe they are…

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