Client Success: Thousands Driven to Website Through Commercial-Led Scavenger Hunt

12.08.2016 Cox Media


A new Cirque du Soleil show, Zarkana, came to town and set up shop in the showroom at the hot and trendy ARIA Hotel and Casino. Zarkana is a Cirque du Soleil show that’s described as an edgy, surreal Tim Burton-esque rock opera. Cirque shows do very well in Las Vegas and have long performance runs, so expectations for this new-to-Las-Vegas production will be high. Zarkana will be replacing a show that has underperformed with underwhelming ticket sales.


This new show needed to come out strong. In addition to creating awareness of Zarkana to both locals and tourists, the client’s objectives included creating a unique and exciting “out-of-the-box” campaign to raise awareness among locals in Las Vegas.


The Cox Media Las Vegas team developed a unique solution to meet the client’s objectives. The plan was to build an engaging, measurable campaign that could track engagement. The “Eye of Zarkana” scavenger hunt was born. Cox Media secured partnerships with three high-traffic shopping malls as the venues for the hunt. Call-to-action commercials placed on demo targeted networks encouraged viewers to visit the website created and hosted by the Cox Media team, Once there, visitors were given five “clues of the day”.

These clues drove users to specific locations within each of the malls and Aria to find the “Eye of Zarkana”. When found, the lucky hunter would call in to claim two free tickets to an upcoming performance of Zarkana. This contest created a buzz by giving users multiple chances a day to be a lucky winner with a grand prize of attending the Las Vegas Premiere of Zarkana and the red carpet event. Plus, by releasing new clues every day, the team developed a growing audience as word of the contest spread.


The “Eye of Zarkana” scavenger hunt was a tremendous success. Cox Media presented daily contest updates to the client. Over the two-week sweepstakes period, Google Analytics reported 3,302 visits to the contest page. More than half of those visits were from unique users. Those users registered nearly 15,000 page views and an average time on site upwards of five-and-a-half minutes. Other analysis indicated that 64 percent of the traffic to the site came from a mobile device, suggesting that scavengers were accessing the site while searching for the clues. Overall, “Eye of Zarkana” successfully raised awareness among Las Vegas locals of Cirque du Soleil’s newest show, Zarkana at ARIA Resort & Casino.

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