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03.10.2016 Cox Media

3 Terms You Need to Know to Make Your Advertising Strategy More Effective

If you’re thinking about going digital with your advertising (which you should be), it’s important to understand these key terms (among a few others) in order for your business reach the right audience at the right time.



1. Audience Segmentation

Have you ever asked yourself the following questions: “Who is actually viewing my ads?” or “Are my ads getting to the right people?” If so, it’s time to brush up on the ins-and-outs of audience segmentation. In its simplest form, audience segmentation expresses the variety of ways you can segment, or slice, your audience into different categories. The criteria you choose should be relevant and discussed in advance with your advertising team, so you know the exact metrics to track and measure. The criteria can range from media/product usage, to demographics and even psychographics, which is the study of beliefs, values, etc. What’s important is that you identify whether or not your message is reaching the audience you aim to attract and audience segmentation can do just that.


2. Conversion

Let’s talk about conversion and why it’s important to your bottom line. Conversion is when someone clicks on your ad and then takes meaningful action– this could mean buying the items in their shopping carts, scheduling an appointment or consultation, or maybe signing up for your email list. Conversion is what you’re aiming for! So how can you increase the odds of converting your online traffic? For starters, think about the keywords you’re using to drive the traffic to your site in the first place. Keywords can be short-tail (just one or two words – think, “real estate”), or long-tail (longer phrases – think, “real estate in the San Diego area”), and each have their pros and cons based on the amount of traffic they bring in. Using strategic keywords will make your site more searchable, but also more relevant among search results.

Also consider the overall friendliness and aesthetic feel to your website. Is your site easy to navigate, or do potential customers have to click through multiple pages to reach their destination? Does the layout of your landing page make sense? Can customers easily locate your “Contact Us” page, with your physical location, phone number, and customer service information? These are all important things to consider that will not only increase conversion, but will also prompt visitors to return to your site. Remember that frustrated customers who can’t find what they need on your site quickly and efficiently are less likely to return or use your services.


3. Geo-Conquesting/Geo-Targeting

Geo-conquesting may sound like something straight out of a “James Bond” film, but simply put, this targeting technique involves using location-based mobile advertising to serve ads around a competitor’s geographical location. Geo-targeting delivers content to a website or application user based on their geographic location. Ever wondered why apps such as Groupon (Groupon Local) and Gilt (Gilt City) suggest and/or require users to enter their home city? Geo-targeting allows advertisers to reach the consumers where they already habituate and even follows them from city to city, based on user preferences and settings. Geo-conquesting and geo-targeting are fantastic strategies to attract and cater to local customers, specifically on their mobile devices. However, don’t forgot to ensure your site is mobile-friendly (fewer links, easier to view, etc.) before your direct customers to it!


Digital advertising can be a tricky field to navigate, but keeping these digital advertising terms (and these television advertising terms, too!) and overarching concepts in the forefront of your advertising strategy will help your business to exceed its advertising goals.

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