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05.21.2021 Sara Brasfield3 min

For law firms working in specialized fields of practice, one of the biggest challenges is connecting with a niche audience in their moment of need. The best way to foster these connections is by building up a strong local reputation and investing in brand awareness that places your firm top-of-mind when potential clients are in need of legal representation.

To build a strong foundation of local brand awareness that would increase case inquiries throughout the six local markets it served, a local law firm working in one of those specialized fields of practice approached Cox Media about building a cost-effective campaign that would drive web traffic and new inquiries to its office.

The Goal

Traditional TV, radio and other high-exposure ad campaigns were not a cost-effective fit for the firm’s specialized legal services and small target audience. Instead, the law firm’s strong familiarity with its target audience encouraged Cox Media professionals to build a targeted digital campaign that offered relevance to the audience and value for the law firm.

A digital approach also served the firm’s primary goals of driving website referrals and inquiries from potential clients. The firm’s goal was to use a targeted landing page to qualify referred traffic and encourage a form submission from clients seeking representation. Through these referrals, the client hoped to convert new clients and increase both its active caseload and its incoming business revenue.

The Campaign

A display ad campaign was selected as the most cost-effective method of targeting a niche audience and building brand awareness through multiple ad exposures across various Internet properties. These display ads were also linked to a dedicated landing page that prospects would reach when clicking on a display ad.

The key to this campaign’s success rested heavily on targeted advertising. Fortunately, the law firm and Cox Media were able to pull together a targeted campaign that utilized a number of data points reflective of the firm’s target audience. This criteria included behavioral targeting, a keyword whitelist, and demographic information such as household income, to maximize the relevance of each ad exposure.

The Results

By concentrating its advertising resources on a targeted display campaign, Cox Media’s law firm client generated more than 7,600 landing page visits over a six-month campaign. In addition to these landing page referrals, the client also reported an increase in phone call inquiries coming to the firm.

Those 7,600 landing page visits drove nearly 1,200 visits to the firm’s home page, and produced more than 600 case inquiries for the firm to pursue, this flood of inquiries created a lucrative revenue opportunity that prompted the firm to hire more internal help to field those inquiries and expand its client base.

In addition, the client reported high satisfaction with the ad campaign’s ability to be mindful of the sensitive nature of the firm’s advertising needs, and the importance of maintaining integrity in its efforts to build brand visibility and attract new clients.

Even when accounting for niche targeting demands and brand integrity considerations, Cox Media’s team of advertising experts was able to build a campaign that met all of the clients’ needs and generated ROI to grow the firm’s operations across multiple markets.

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