Client Success: Promoting a One-Stop Med Spa Shop to Select Local Audiences

03.24.2022 Sara Brasfield

As med spa services increase in popularity across the United States, both new and established local businesses are eager to expand their local market share in the phase of a competitive marketplace.

The earnings potential for these med spas is high, both in terms of current consumer trends and forecasts for the coming years. For this reason, the benefits of advertising a med spa to today’s consumers could pay dividends for years to come, as consumers maintain their brand loyalty in exchange for a rewarding customer experience.

But despite sprawling interest in med spa services, the most cost-effective advertising strategies are ones that treat their customer base as a niche audience requiring highly targeted ads. This is especially true for local businesses with a fixed advertising budget. These market challenges convinced one local med spa to reach out to Cox Media for assistance in building an advertising strategy that delivered strong ROI.

The Goal

While the local med spa was eager to increase its brand visibility in a competitive market for med spa services, the company was also eager to increase awareness of all of the different services it offered—including services some members of their target audience might not realize are available through their clinic.

As a new entrant to an already competitive market, the business had work to do to build awareness of its brand and get the attention of interested consumers over other, more established businesses. By promoting the expansive services it offered, the company believed it could distinguish its brand from rival businesses and establish a foothold in the local market.

The Solution

After consulting with the client to understand its challenges and goals, Cox Media developed and launched a digital advertising campaign that leveraged display advertising, including mobile display, to target audience members within the med spa’s service area.

These ads were targeted to affluent women between ages 30 to 65, which the client had identified as its core customer base. Ads were also geofenced to target specific properties and locations where this target audience was likely to be found, including grocery stores and other med spas where prospective clients were already receiving services.

Through targeted ads and messaging, the ad campaign was designed to build awareness of both the med spa and its services, and to make a direct appeal at the most valuable med spa customers in that local area—growing the company’s customer base with clients likely to seek out regular spa services.

The Results

After launching the campaign and evaluating the results, the med spa client reported the following achievements:

  • 16 geoconversions driven through display ads;
  • A total click-thru rate of 0.15 percent.

While the total volume of conversions represents potential repeat customers who will stabilize and grow the company’s revenue stream over time, the strong click-thru rate suggests that additional value and revenue can be earned by scaling the campaign upward and increasing the company’s digital advertising budget.

For new businesses trying to break into their local market, awareness-level advertising can offer the jump-start your business needs to grow your customer base. Find out how Cox Media can help your brand build its local presence, even in a competitive market—contact us today to learn more.

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Sara Brasfield

Sara is the Content Marketing Manager for Cox Media’s corporate team in Atlanta, with a passion for writing and delivering relevant insights for advertisers. With more than eight years of experience in B2B marketing, Sara aims to help Cox Media’s current and future clients connect with their customers find new and unique ways to grow their business. Outside of the office, Sara loves spending time running, reading, and supporting her favorite teams (Go Braves & Gamecocks!).

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