Client Success: Generating Quality Job Applicants for a Manufacturing Company

04.04.2024 Sara Brasfield4 min

The U.S. jobs market has been steadily growing for years, and unemployment continues to hover near record lows. While these conditions are great for job-seekers, they can make it more difficult for employers to find qualified applicants for their open positions. Here’s how advertising open positions helped one local company reach its applicant goals.

Recruitment is an uphill battle across every industry. For one machine manufacturing company, small pools of qualified job applicants were making it difficult to fully staff the organization with professionals capable of supporting operations and enabling growth.

The manufacturing company reached out to Cox Media for help with its recruiting struggles.

The Goal

While the manufacturing company’s overall goal was to increase incoming job applications for its open positions, the business was eager to target its recruitment efforts to specific job applicant profiles.

The company wanted to increase both the volume of applications coming from younger, entry-level workers as well as older, more experienced workers who could fill leadership positions. Due to the difference in work experience between these two audiences, the company believed it needed a recruitment advertising strategy that could be targeted to multiple segmented audiences.

The Solution

Cox Media’s advertising experts agreed that targeted advertising, along with messaging tailored to each specific audience, was the correct approach to engaging the manufacturing company’s two distinct audiences.

To maximize the potential reach and application volume desired by the client, Cox Media’s creative team decided that a video ad campaign offered the best fit with the company’s goals as they began advertising open positions. The creative elements of each video were tailored to each audience of job-seekers, and the videos were distributed across a multi-channel strategy utilizing TV, social media, display, and streaming advertising.

While the separate video campaigns were launched at the same time, Cox Media’s analytics capabilities allowed each campaign to be tracked on its own, providing accurate performance data regarding the effectiveness of each campaign in generating clicks and, ultimately, completed applications.

The Results

Soon after the video campaign was launched, the manufacturing company began to notice an increase in job applicants. This trend continued for several months, building strong momentum that deepened the company’s job applicant pools.

Some of the performance highlights of this video campaign include:

  • More than 1 million impressions delivered via Google Display & Video 360, resulting in nearly 10,300 clicks;
  • More than 342,600 social and display impressions, generating 616 clicks;
  • A 91 percent video completion rate across the entire campaign.

Thanks to this strong recruitment video campaign, the business not only improved its short-term job recruitment efforts, but also strengthened its ability to continue attracting top job applicants in the future.

“Before we started with Cox, our incoming applications would range from 30 to 40 per month,” says the owner of the manufacturing business. “Now that Cox Media has become a partner, we are getting 300 to 400 monthly applicants. This allows for a much larger applicant pool and more qualified hires.”

Want to give your recruiting efforts a boost? Contact Cox Media today to see how we can help.

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